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Summer is the best time to get out and discover new places. With the warm weather and long days, you can spend more time outside with your friends, family, or by yourself. And when it comes to summer riding, no personal mobility vehicle lets you do it better than an e-bike.

E-bikes, or electric bikes, offer the perfect way to get fit and stay active in summer. You can go further and faster on an e-bike than on foot or a normal bike… and can explore different areas while de-stressing yourself and reducing your carbon footprint at the same time. 

Whether you want to explore the neighborhood or go further afield, e-bikes offer a great way to get around in the summer. Here are 8 reasons to back this claim.

You’ll be sweating less and enjoying more.

While cycling in the summer sun is the best way to get vitamin D, too much of it can also lead to sunburn, dry skin and dehydration, leaving you exhausted and lethargic. The worst of all is the sweaty look you get the moment you encounter a hill or incline.

Luckily, e-bikes don’t leave you all sweaty and uncomfortable like regular bikes do when it’s too hot out.

Thanks to the electrical assistance, you won’t have to worry about exhausting yourself or sweating too much on your face or through your hands. You’ll feel more comfortable and will be enjoying much more than you do on a regular bike.

E-bikes offer a great way to de-stress after a busy year.

An e-bike is a great way to de-stress after a busy year. It’s a low-impact exercise that is easy on the joints, but still a great way to stay fit (without having to worry about the sweat). 

When riding an e-bike, you can pedal at a pace that is comfortable for you. 

Most electric bikes offer multiple riding modes. For instance, Engwe e-bikes can be ridden on manpower mode like traditional bicycles, on throttle/ pure electric mode without pedaling, or on pedal-assist mode (electric power + pedaling).

Engwe e-bikes also offer further 5 levels of pedal-assistance so that riders can get the motor to provide any amount of assistance they want. So, in short, e-bikes don’t put too much pressure on your joints, but still help you be fit, stay active, and reduce stress. 

You can discover new places and access any area.

An e-bike is the ideal way to get to places further away, like a nearby town or city. You can also use it to explore the local area, discovering new places to eat in your neighborhood or new shops, like local farmers markets.

You can also use an e-bike to visit places you might not be able to walk or run to, such as a beach or a nature trail.

For instance, the Engwe EP-2 Pro has wide 4” tires that distribute your net weight over a wider area on ground, preventing your tires from sinking into soft-packed terrains such as sand. This unique quality makes e-bikes like the EP-2 Pro the perfect ride for summer beach trips.

Likewise, the more capable fat tire e-bikes, such as the Engwe Engine Pro, have extremely powerful motors besides the rugged fat tires. Not only do they offer a smooth ride and plenty of speed, but they’re also great for improving your balance and ride stability on steep trails and tricky terrains.

It means you can use e-bikes like the Engine Pro to access any area – even the ones that are inaccessible for others!

E-bikes are ideal to stay fit and stay in summer.

If you’re into running and swimming, chances are you’ll also love e-biking!

E-bikes are ideal for exercise in summer as they don’t make you too tired, like regular bikes do… and can come to your rescue the moment you get exhausted or the moment you encounter a steep slope.

An e-bike can go anywhere you want it to go, no matter if it means tackling a hill or incline. You can go further, cycling on roads you wouldn’t normally walk or run, encountering new places and people along the way. 

Luckily, e-bikes come with plenty of features to keep you excited during all this time. 

For instance, they can be charged quickly and you don’t have to wait around for a lot of time before going out again. They come with an LCD display to let you monitor your ride parameters and stay motivated at all times. They also look extremely cool!

Being more fun than regular bikes in every way, e-bikes make sure you keep using them for longer intervals of time.

You won’t have to worry about parking, ever again!

Parking can be a pain, especially when it’s a nice day out and you want to get out and about. With an e-bike, you won’t have to worry about parking. They’re so compact that you can park and lock them anywhere. 

You can also get lightweight folding e-bikes, which you can carry around with you. For instance, the Engwe C20 weighs just 24kg and can be folded down into a minimal size of 100*54*77cm. Despite that, it can endure a maximum payload of 150kg!

An e-bike is perfect for all kinds of family trips.

An e-bike is the perfect ride for families, especially in summer. 

Thanks to their electrical assist system, everyone can join in the fun, no matter what age they are. The teens and senior citizens in your family can use the throttle to keep up with you on steep trails and challenging tracks. No one would miss out on any fun!

There are lots of bike tours that you can undertake with your family to discover nearby places, or even further out. You can even create your own e-bike adventures by heading to new places you have never set foot on before. 

The best thing about e-bikes is that they’re available in various sizes and styles, depending on your needs. No matter if you’re looking for a lightweight ride for teens or a heavyweight champion for adults, you can get perfect rides for everyone in your family.

Being eco-friendly, e-bikes reduce your carbon footprint.

E-bikes are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Since they don’t use any petrol or gas and run on electricity, they are better for the environment than cars and motorcycles. 

You can also use a long-range e-bike, such as the Engwe C20 Pro, to get to work or school to reduce your carbon footprint even more. The C20 Pro can go up to 120km on a single charge… so just imagine how much emissions you would be reducing by swapping your vehicle with an e-bike.

E-bikes help you save a LOT of money.

Besides reducing emissions, using your e-bike for daily commute helps you cut down on travel costs too. 

An e-bike is affordable to buy, operate and maintain and is therefore great for saving money. For instance, you can purchase a reliable and dependable commuter from Engwe AU for as little as AUD 1099!

As for the operating costs, you can travel for a really long distance – which means you’ll be saving a lot of money on fuel. 

For instance, once you charge your C20 Pro, you won’t have to worry about it running out of juice for quite a few days, and would be able to get where you want to go in an easier and fun way. The average charging cost of the C20 Pro comes out at around 10 cents, which is nothing compared to the cost of fuel.

Even if your battery drains up on longer journeys, you can pedal yourself to wherever you’re going. 

Besides saving on fuel and travel costs, you’ll be getting rid of the parking fees. Likewise, the maintenance is as simple and inexpensive as oiling or lubing your chain. So, if you can’t withstand the freezing winter winds, you can at least use e-bikes to commute to and from work in the summers!

Final Words

E-bikes are perfect for riders who need a comfortable and efficient way to get around. Whether you’re commuting to work, going on a longer ride, or just want to take a spin around the neighborhood, an e-bike is a great choice. 

There are many reasons why an e-bike is the perfect summer sporting equipment. They’re perfect to help you stay fit and active in summer as they offer good exercise, even if you’re not climbing hills. They’re also great to discover new places to visit with friends and family as you don’t have to worry about exhausting yourself or getting your hands too sweaty. 

Moreover, riding an e-bike is safer than a scooter or skateboard – you can ride safely and still enjoy the scenery around you. The electric assist and throttle system in e-bikes is always there to help you at difficult spots so as to keep your ride pleasant at all times. Plus it doesn’t hurt that e-bikes look awesome!

If you want to pick up a great summer ride for yourself, check out our e-bike collection here.

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