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You might have heard a lot about fat tire electric bikes as they are incredibly popular among adventure-seekers and commuters. 

But we get a lot of queries regarding its safety. “Are fat tire electric bikes safe” is one of the most common questions asked by e-bike enthusiasts. And to answer this question, it is a good idea to know a little bit more about fat tire electric bikes before you take the final plunge.

So scroll down to learn some exciting details about fat tire electric bikes. 

How are Fat Tire Electric Bikes Different From Regular Ones?

Fat tire electric bikes come with wider tires as compared to the regular electric bikes in the market. The width of these tires usually range from 3.8 to 5 inches, with 4” being the most common size. 

These bikes offer greater traction and more stability in comparison with the regular bikes. This particular feature makes them a suitable choice for difficult terrain. The bike also offers pedal assistance or throttle assistance that gives riders an additional boost and makes it easy for you to ride through the hills.

Whether you want to hit the roads, cycle through sandy beaches or want to cover snowy trails, you can now do it conveniently with fat tire electric bikes. 

Are Fat Tire Electric Bikes Safe To Ride? 

Now let’s unravel the mystery and find out: are fat tire electric bikes safe to ride?

Fortunately, these are one of the safest commuting options. These bikes have wider tires. As a result, they have a large contact area with the surface. This offers better stability and grip to the rider, especially those who are new to riding.

So whether you are riding through a smooth surface or difficult terrain, fat tire electric bikes are the safest option for you. 

Benefits of Riding a Fat Tire Electric Bike

Here are some of the most important perks of riding a fat tire electric bike which include:

  1. Beginner-friendly Choice

If you are a beginner who has  just started riding, fat tire electric bikes are one of the safest options for you. Since these wide tires have a large contact surface area, they provide a better stability and grip to the riders. 

Apart from this, many beginners are also not aware of the road guidelines and bike structure. As a result, they tend to get injured and fall victim to accidents. That’s why it is always a safe option to invest in an electric bike as it comes with wide tires. These large and fat tires add weight to your bike which prevents you from tripping.

So if you have some spare money, it would be a wise choice to invest in a fat tire electric bike. 

  1. No Terrain Restriction

If you have ever used a regular bike and feel frustrated because you can’t take it out when it is raining or snowing outside, we feel you! 

Since most accidents also happen during weather extremities, it is best to avoid riding with a regular bike. However, fat e-bikes are thoughtfully designed to address all your woes. 

Those chunky tires offer a smooth ride at all terrains. Neither do they slip on wet surfaces or sink in the snow or mud. So all in all, no matter what the weather is, these bikes work well in all conditions! 

Fat tire electric bikes are also ideal for beach riding. Their wide tires distribute the load over a greater surface area on ground, which prevents them from sinking in sand. Likewise, due to the greater contact area and stable grip, these bikes are also perfect for conquering hills or accessing remote trails!

  1. Stable & Lasting

Many regular bikes get easily damaged due to severe weather conditions. However, unlike the regular ones, fat tire bikes are not vulnerable to wear and tear or shape distortion. They offer a better experience in terms of structure and stability. 

These bikes could be more expensive but then they usually outlast the regular bikes and require less maintenance. 

  1. Zero Compromise on Comfort 

It is a common issue among riders to experience severe back-aches after riding for a long time. But don’t just give up riding yet. Fat tire electric bikes have got you covered. 

These bikes don’t need much inflation. So even if these bikes lack a proper suspension system, you don’t need them at all. Fat tire bikes provide a comfort experience, even without a proper suspension system. 

  1. Fantastic Option for Work out 

If you are a workout fanatic, fat tire electric bikes are an excellent option for you because the resistance of the wider tires allows you to use your muscles. This is a great way to stay active and use your muscles. 

So if you are planning to start working out, investing in this ride would be a good idea! 

Disadvantages of Riding a Fat Tire Electric Bike 

Like every commute option, fat tire electric bikes also have some drawbacks as well. 

  1. Heavy and Bulky 

Now here’s the catch for you: those chunky tires which look extremely cool can add a lot of weight to your bike. This is why these bikes are much heavier than the regular ones. 

As a result, handling them and transporting them could be a little difficult for you, especially if you plan to carry your bike on a trip, lift them or take them upstairs. 

  1. Higher Cost

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, fat tire electric bikes might not be the perfect choice for you. These bikes are often more expensive than the regular bikes due to additional features and benefits. 

Although most riders find it worth the money, it might not fit the bill for all riders. 

  1. Shorter Battery Life

While it is easy to carry these bikes on challenging terrain, rough surfaces can impact the battery life of the bikes. While riding though steep hilly areas or difficult terrain, the bike consumes more battery. As a result, your fat electric bikes might have a shorter battery life. 

If you plan to ride in tough conditions for a long time, it is important to plan your route beforehand and stop to recharge your battery in the middle of your journey. 

Best Fat Tire Electric Bikes

In case you want to buy a fat tire electric bike, here are two great options to consider.

Engwe Engine Pro

The Engwe Engine Pro is a folding fat tire electric bike designed to let you explore any terrain you want. Featuring a 750W brushless hub motor (that peaks at 1000W), this fat tire electric bike has a top speed of 40km/h.

Thanks to its powerful motor, the bike can shoot up any hill you want. It features a 5-level power assist system to let you fine tune the assistance you get, an 8-speed Shimano transmission to let you seamlessly change gears, dual suspension for a comfortable and stable ride, and dual hydraulic disc brakes for a safe and controlled ride. 

As far as battery is concerned, the Engine Pro comes with a 48V 16Ah detachable Lithium battery, which provides a maximum range of 120km under ideal conditions and lowest assist level. The bike is also equipped with a backlit color LCD to let you monitor your ride in style, a phone charging port to keep you connected, a sturdy rear rack to let you haul cargo, and dual lights for safety at night.

Engwe M20

The Engwe M20 is a moped-style fat tire electric bike with a large saddle and minimal retro design. The M20 features a 750W motor that peaks at 1000W and provides you enough power to conquer any hill you want. 

The M20 comes with a 48V 13Ah Lithium battery that provides an impressive range of 75km. In case you want more range, you can get a spare battery as well to double your riding distance to a whopping 150km for extended journeys. 

Thanks to its dual suspension system, a gigantic plush saddle, and 20×4” bumpy fat tires, you have a comfortable and smooth ride, no matter where you go. No matter if you’re exploring your neighborhood or hitting the trails, the M20 makes sure you do it in full comfort and style. It also comes with a number of other features as well, including disc brakes and Shimano gears.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, fat tire electric bikes offer you a versatile riding experience. Whether you are seeking some adventures or daily commute, they are one of the safest options to go with. You can enjoy your ride without compromising your speed, comfort or safety with these bikes. 

Despite some of the downsides that come with almost every commute option, it is one of the best investments for those looking forward to an adventurous and safe ride. We hope you enjoyed the read. In case you still want to stick to regular e-bikes, do check out our Engwe T14. Happy riding!

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