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Off road electric bikes have revolutionized the way we explore rugged terrains. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie seeking thrilling trails or an outdoor enthusiast looking to conquer challenging landscapes, these electric bikes offer an unparalleled blend of power, versatility, and sustainability. 

In case you’re looking for the best off road electric bikes in Australia, we have you fully covered. From the best options on the market to a detailed buying guide and more, we’ll equip you with all the info you need to make the right choice. But before that, let’s first see why you might want to get an off road ebike in Australia in the first place.

Why Buy an Off Road Electric Bike in Australia?

Australia’s diverse landscapes, from rugged mountains to vast outback trails, present an irresistible call for exploration. Amid this backdrop, the emergence of off road electric bikes has ignited a transformative revolution, offering a myriad of compelling reasons to consider making one your newest adventure companion. Here are some advantages of investing in an off road ebike in the Australian context.

Nature-Infused Exploration

Australia’s natural beauty is unparalleled, and what better way to immerse yourself in its splendor than by traversing its hidden trails on an electric bike? Off road e-bikes open doors to uncharted paths, allowing riders to intimately connect with the environment, experience wildlife up close, and relish breathtaking vistas that traditional vehicles can’t access.

Conquer Diverse Terrains

From sandy coastal stretches to rocky mountain trails, Australia’s terrain is as varied as it is challenging. Off road electric bicycles are engineered to tackle these diverse landscapes with ease. With robust suspension systems, powerful motors, and sturdy frames, these bikes empower riders to conquer hills, rocky terrain, and even sandy beaches with minimal effort.

Eco-Conscious Adventuring

The growing awareness of environmental conservation has prompted many to seek sustainable alternatives for their adventures. Off road electric bicycles align perfectly with this ethos, emitting zero emissions and contributing to reduced carbon footprints. By opting for an e-bike, riders can explore nature while minimizing their impact on it.

Extended Exploration Range

Traditional biking might limit the scope of your explorations due to physical exertion and distance constraints. Off road ebikes, on the other hand, provide a significant boost to your range. With their powerful batteries, riders can cover more ground and venture deeper into untamed landscapes without the fear of fatigue holding them back.

Amplified Adventure and Thrills

E-bikes inject a sense of exhilaration into off road excursions. The electric assist lends an extra push when conquering challenging uphill sections, turning what might be an arduous climb into an invigorating ascent. This amplification of adventure ensures that each journey is a blend of exploration and adrenaline.

All-Inclusive Access

Off road trails can be demanding, often discouraging those with limited physical prowess. However, with the electric assistance of these bikes, the trails become more inclusive. Individuals of varying fitness levels and ages can partake in off road adventures, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared experiences.

Time-Efficient Exploring

Traditional hiking or biking can consume considerable time, especially on extensive trails. Off road electric bikes streamline exploration by covering distances more swiftly. This efficiency allows riders to experience a broader range of terrains and sceneries within a single outing.

Wellness and Fitness Benefits

While e-bikes provide electric assistance, they still require riders to pedal, promoting physical activity and cardiovascular health. The electric assist can be adjusted, allowing riders to strike a balance between exertion and assistance, making these bikes suitable for riders of varying fitness levels.

Reduced Impact on Joints

The electric assistance on off road electric bikes is especially beneficial for individuals with joint issues or those recovering from injuries. By mitigating the strain on joints and muscles, off road e-bikes offer a comfortable way to enjoy the great outdoors without exacerbating existing conditions.

How to Find the Best Off Road E-Bike in Australia?

Let’s now walk you through a step-by-step process to help you find the right off road electric bike for you.

Define Your Riding Needs and Style

The first step is to identify your specific riding needs and style. Are you an adventure enthusiast seeking high-speed thrills, or do you prefer a more leisurely exploration of nature? Determine the type of terrain you’ll predominantly ride on – rocky trails, steep inclines, or mixed surfaces. This will guide your decision regarding the bike’s suspension, motor power, and tire type.

Consider the Motor and Battery

The heart of an electric bike is its motor and battery. Look for a motor with sufficient power to handle steep climbs and rough surfaces. Likewise, a high-quality battery with ample range is crucial to ensure you don’t run out of juice in the middle of an adventure. Consider the battery’s capacity, charging time, and compatibility with your riding style.

Evaluate Suspension System

A robust suspension system is essential for off road biking. Front suspension (hardtail) or full suspension (dual-suspension) can greatly impact your comfort and control on rough trails. Choose a bike with suspension that matches the intensity of your off road escapades. If you have the budget, prefer bikes with dual suspension.

Check Frame and Build Quality

Durability is key when it comes to off road biking. Look for a bike with a sturdy frame made from materials like aluminum alloy. The build quality should withstand the rigors of rough terrain while maintaining a reasonable weight for maneuverability.

Tire Selection

Off road tires vary widely in terms of tread pattern and width. Wider tires provide better stability and traction on uneven surfaces, while aggressive tread patterns excel in muddy or loose conditions. Choose tires that suit the majority of the terrains you’ll be riding on. Generally speaking, 4” tires are perfect for handling all kinds of terrains.

Compare Features and Components

Pay attention to the components the bike comes equipped with. Quality gears, brakes, and drivetrain components are crucial for a smooth and reliable ride. For instance, hydraulic disc brakes are recommended for their superior stopping power, especially when navigating downhill trails. Likewise, for transmission, the more gears you have, the better it would be.

Test Ride and Fit

Before making a purchase, try to test ride the bike if possible. This will give you a feel for its handling, comfort, and responsiveness. Additionally, ensure that the bike’s size and geometry are a good fit for your body to prevent discomfort during longer rides.

Research Brands and Reviews

Research reputable brands known for producing high-quality off road electric bikes. Read reviews and user feedback to gain insights into real-world performance and reliability. Online forums and cycling communities can provide valuable recommendations based on personal experiences.

Drawbacks of Off Road Electric Bikes

Off road electric bikes have undoubtedly transformed the way we explore nature, but even these revolutionary machines come with their fair share of drawbacks. Let’s delve into some of the limitations associated with off road electric bikes.

Limited Range and Battery Life

One of the primary concerns with off road electric bikes is their limited range and battery life. While modern e-bikes boast improved battery technology, the range can still be a restricting factor, especially for those embarking on extended journeys or multi-day expeditions in remote areas of Australia.

Weight and Maneuverability

Off road electric bikes tend to be heavier due to the integration of the motor and battery. This added weight can affect the overall maneuverability of the bike, particularly in technical and tight sections of the trail. Riders might find it challenging to navigate through tight corners or lift the bike over obstacles.

Maintenance and Repairs

The complexity of off road electric bikes, with their integrated electrical systems and components, can lead to higher maintenance costs. When compared to traditional bikes, repairing or replacing components like the motor, battery, or electronics can be more expensive and require specialized knowledge.

Hi wegher Initial Cost

Off road electric bikes come with a higher initial cost than their traditional counterparts. While the investment is often justified by their advanced features, it might still pose a barrier for some potential buyers, especially those new to the world of electric biking.

Best Off Road Electric Bikes in Australia

Let’s now have a look at some of the best off road ebikes you can buy right now.

Engwe Engine Pro

  • Motor: 750W
  • Speed: 25 mph/40kph
  • Battery: 48V 16Ah (768Wh)
  • Range: 75 miles/120km
  • Suspension: Dual
  • Tires: 20 x 4.0” Fat Off Road Tires

The Engwe Engine Pro is an embodiment of power and convenience. With an impressive 750W motor and a peak power output soaring to 1000W, you’re catapulted to exhilarating speeds of up to 25 mph (40km/h). The bike takes versatility to a new level with its triple riding mode and a 5-level power assist system. 

Coupled with an 8-speed Shimano gear system, dual suspension for supreme comfort, and hydraulic disc brakes for controlled stops, the Engwe Engine Pro guarantees a seamless and refined riding experience. A standout feature of the Engwe Engine Pro is its formidable battery life. The detachable 48V 16Ah battery empowers you with an impressive range of 75 miles (120km), freeing you to embark on extensive rides without fretting about frequent recharges.

The Engine Pro also hosts numerous safety and convenience features. The backlit color LCD display ensures vital information remains visible even in varying lighting conditions. Meanwhile, the built-in mobile phone charging port ensures your devices remain energized during your journey. The sturdy rear rack creates ample space for carrying essentials, and the radiant dual lights pave your way during nighttime rides, enhancing both safety and visibility.

Engwe EP-2 Pro

  • Motor: 750W
  • Speed: 25mph (40km/h)
  • Battery: 48V 13Ah (624Wh)
  • Range: Up to 75 miles (120km)
  • Suspension: Single
  • Tires: 20 x 4.0” Fat Off Road Tires

The Engwe EP-2 Pro blends value, versatility, and style like no other ebike. With a robust 48V 13Ah battery at its core, the Engwe EP-2 Pro impressively conquers distances of up to 75 miles (120km), making extended journeys a worry-free delight. Engineered to conquer diverse terrains, this bike features a resilient front suspension and 20×4.0″ fat tires, ensuring a seamlessly comfortable ride regardless of the surface’s challenges.

At the heart of its performance lies the Shimano 7S gears, enabling seamless and precise shifting for optimal efficiency. The backlit LCD panel ensures riders remain well-informed throughout their journeys, enhancing both convenience and safety.

Moving on, the bike’s aesthetics also perfectly match its performance prowess. Boasting a stylish and contemporary design, it harmoniously blends sleek lines with functional components. The Engwe EP-2 Pro isn’t just a means of transportation; it’s an embodiment of style and substance, making it an alluring choice for riders who seek the best of both worlds.

Engwe C20 Pro

  • Motor: 250W
  • Speed: 15.5mph (25km/h)
  • Battery: 36V 19.2Ah (691Wh)
  • Range: Up to 65 miles (105km)
  • Suspension: Single
  • Tires: 20 x 2.4” Tires

If you want a sleek and lightweight urban electric bike that you can also use for mild off-roading, the Engwe C20 Pro can be a great option for you. Equipped with a formidable motor and a long-lasting lithium battery, the C20 Pro can take you on any adventure you want. The 7-speed Shimano gear shift system guarantees ultimate control, while the integrated tail light and front light enhance safety during nighttime escapades.

Beyond performance, the Engwe C20 Pro embraces convenience. Its compact folding size and thoughtful features like a rear light, reflective pedals, and a comfortable saddle make it an apt choice for both urban and wild journeys. And above all, its stylish and sleek design is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Safety Tips for Riding Off Road E-Bikes in Australia

Off road e-biking is a thrilling and exhilarating adventure that allows riders to conquer challenging terrains while embracing the beauty of nature. However, with great adventure comes the responsibility of ensuring your safety. Here are some safety tips that you should follow.

  1. Gear Up for Safety

Before embarking on your off road e-biking journey, don’t forget to gear up. Wear a properly-fitted helmet to protect your head in case of falls. Invest in gloves, knee and elbow pads, and appropriate riding attire to safeguard yourself from potential abrasions and impacts

  1. Perform a Pre-Ride Check

Thoroughly inspect your e-bike before setting off. Check the tire pressure, brakes, and suspension system to ensure they are in optimal working condition. A well-maintained bike enhances control and responsiveness on unpredictable terrains.

  1. Choose the Right Trail

Select a trail that matches your skill level. Start with easier trails to build confidence and gradually progress to more challenging routes. Familiarize yourself with the trail’s difficulty rating and features to avoid unexpected surprises.

  1. Practice Proper Riding Technique

Maintain a balanced and centered posture while riding. Keep your body slightly bent at the elbows and knees, allowing for better shock absorption on rough terrains. Utilize both brakes simultaneously for controlled deceleration, and shift your weight when navigating corners and obstacles.

  1. Respect Trail Etiquette

Be considerate of fellow trail users, including hikers and other cyclists. Yield the right of way, communicate your intentions, and moderate your speed when encountering others. Stay on designated trails to minimize environmental impact and protect sensitive ecosystems.

  1. Monitor Battery Levels

Keep a close eye on your e-bike’s battery levels. Plan your route based on your battery’s capacity, ensuring you have sufficient charge to complete your ride. Running out of battery power in remote areas can pose safety challenges.

  1. Ride Within Your Limits

Pushing your limits might lead to accidents. Be honest about your skill level and don’t attempt trails that exceed your capabilities. As you gain experience, gradually expand your boundaries to enhance both safety and enjoyment.

  1. Be Prepared for Weather Changes

Weather conditions can change rapidly, especially in outdoor settings. Bring appropriate clothing layers and gear to shield yourself from rain, wind, or temperature shifts. Adequate hydration and sun protection are equally vital in any weather.

  1. Communicate Your Plans

Inform someone trustworthy about your riding plans, including your route and estimated return time. In case of emergencies or unexpected delays, this information can be crucial for your safety.

  1. Carry Basic Tools and First Aid

Pack a small tool kit, including a tire repair kit, multitool, and a mini pump. Additionally, having a basic first aid kit can be invaluable for addressing minor injuries while on the trail. 

By adhering to these safety tips, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the trails with confidence and reduce the risks associated with off road e-biking. 

Maintenance Tips for Off Road Electric Bicycles

Proper maintenance not only enhances your riding experience but also ensures the longevity and safety of your off road electric bicycles. Here are some essential maintenance tips for ebikes made to explore rugged terrains and tackle the challenges of off road riding.

  • Cleaning Ritual: Regular cleaning is the cornerstone of off road e-bike maintenance. After each excursion, wash your bike meticulously with a mild soap and water solution. This practice helps eliminate dirt, mud, and debris that can accumulate on your bike’s frame, components, and drivetrain.
  • Thorough Inspection: Frequent inspections are pivotal in identifying potential problems before they escalate. Carefully examine the frame for cracks, dents, or any visible damage. Tighten all bolts, nuts, and fasteners, as the vibrations from off road trails can lead to loosening over time.
  • Tire Pressure Care: Maintaining the appropriate tire pressure is vital for optimal performance on challenging trails. Check tire pressure before every ride to ensure proper traction, stability, and shock absorption on varying terrains.
  • Lubrication Mastery: Lubrication is the biggest guardian against friction and wear. Regularly apply chain lube to the chain, pivot points, and derailleur components. After application, wipe off excess lubricant to prevent it from attracting dirt and debris.
  • Suspension Nurturing: If your e-bike features suspension, devote special attention to it. Adjust suspension settings based on the terrain you plan to tackle. Regularly clean and lubricate suspension components to ensure smooth operation and responsive shock absorption.
  • Brake Vigilance: Off road trails demand reliable brakes. Inspect brake pads for wear and replace them when needed. Confirm proper alignment and adjust brake lever reach to suit your preferences and maintain optimal stopping power.
  • Battery Vigor: The e-bike’s battery is its lifeblood. Preserve its health by storing it indoors and avoiding extreme temperatures. Regularly charge the battery, even during periods of non-use, to ensure consistent performance during your off road adventures.
  • Post-Ride Assessment: After each off road ride, perform a post-ride assessment. Look for signs of damage, wear, or any components that require attention. Timely intervention can prevent minor issues from evolving into more significant problems.

Before You Go

Off road e-bikes are transforming the manner in which we commute and embark on explorations. Whether maneuvering through local trails or exploring challenging landscapes, these compact dual-wheel vehicles serve as steadfast companions. 

When choosing an off road ebike for your Australian escapades, keep in mind your unique preferences encompassing range, motor potency, and features. Once you’ve made a selection, make sure to follow the safety and maintenance tips we mentioned above, so as to make the most of your purchase.

With this, we’ll end our guide. We hope it was an informative read. Happy riding!

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