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Electric bikes in Australia are changing how people commute. They are eco-friendly, portable, and a healthier way to move around. And while many people believe that electric bikes are expensive, that’s not always the case. 

In this blog, we will have a look at some of the best value electric bikes in Australia. We will also have a look at the factors that determine the value of an ebike. So let us get started.

Factors Affecting Value of an Electric Bike

Before we discuss the best value electric bikes in Australia, let us have a quick look at the factors that determine the value of an ebike.


An electric bike uses an electric motor to assist you in your rides. This assist can either be partial (pedal-assist) or full (throttle). 

As you can probably expect, the motor is one of the most important components of an electric bike, hence plays a critical role in determining its value. The bigger the motor, the pricier your ebike will be. 

Motor output can be assessed either by power output or torque output. The power output is measured in watts (W) while the torque output is measured in newton meters (Nm). 


Your ebike battery is the costliest component so it has the biggest role in determining its value. 

Bigger batteries – which pack more energy – are pricier than the smaller batteries. But the benefit of having a bigger battery is that you’ll be able to cover a larger distance on a single charge.

To have an idea of battery capacity, you need to look at its ampere-hour (Ah) or watt-hour (Wh) figures. Both of these indicate how much electrical energy your battery packs inside it. 


There are three usual frame material options. The steel frame is the cheapest but it corrodes easily and weighs more. So, we won’t recommend this. Another option for frame material is carbon fiber. Now, this is extremely lightweight but is very costly. 

Lying in the middle of these two extremes, aluminum provides the best attributes of the two frame materials. It is lightweight, does not corrode easily, and does not cost too much. So, in short aluminum provides the most value.


Electric bikes can either have hydraulic or mechanical disc brakes. Hydraulic brakes offer a far better braking performance with all-weather stopping ability, but they are costly. 

Mechanical brakes, on the other hand, provide a great value for money. They are suitable for a majority of use cases, especially when you plan to ride in urban areas at slow speeds.


The presence or absence of suspension solely depends on your use case, but the type of suspension can affect the value of an electric bike.

Hydraulic suspension uses a liquid to achieve the damping action and is, therefore, very costly. The next good alternative is pneumatic or air suspension. It too is very costly.

This leaves us with mechanical suspension. It does the job without breaking the bank. If you don’t plan to engage in rugged off-roading and need a suspension for gliding over city bumps and potholes, then a mechanical suspension should be enough.

Also, you can have suspension on either front or dual ends.


For transmission, a seven-speed gearbox provides you a great value for money. It allows for effortless pedaling and can be suitable for a wide variety of urban riders. 

We would recommend a higher 8-speed transmission to those who would like to ride on higher speeds… or who would be using their electric bikes on steep ascents and descents. This is because a 7-speed transmission is prone to ghost pedaling at higher speeds.

However, as we said, if you don’t crave high speed riding, a 7-speed transmission would provide a great value to you.

Other Components

The value of an electric bike greatly depends on the components or accessories it provides. For instance your electric bike should have the following for a fun and convenient experience. 

  • Lights: Having a front lamp helps you see the road ahead and keeps you safe at night. Likewise having a rear light alerts those behind you.
  • LCD: An LCD displays your ride information like battery status, distance, speed, pedal-assist mode, and more. This helps you keep track of your ride for a convenient experience.
  • Rear Rack: A rear rack is perfect for those who want to use their electric bike for buying groceries or for taking picnic gear. 
  • Horn: Having a horn can help you alert others riders or road users when you approach them. Electric bikes can either have a mechanical bell or an electric horn.
  • Fenders: Fenders help protect you and your electric bike components from mud. They are especially important for those who plan to use their ebikes on trails.

Best Value Electric Bikes in Australia

Now that you know the factors that determine the value of an ebike, let us have a look at the best value electric bikes in Australia.

Engwe Engine Pro – AUD 2,199.00

  • Motor Output: 750W
  • Battery Capacity: 48V 16Ah
  • Load Rating: 150kg

The Engwe Engine Pro is a folding electric bike with 4” tires to access any terrain. It comes with a powerful motor and a big 16Ah Lithium battery for longer rides. The Engine Pro features hydraulic disc brakes for all-terrain braking performance and dual suspension system for comfortable riding on rough surfaces.

For ride monitoring, this electric bike comes with a color LCD with backlit screen placed in the center for easy accessibility. You can easily monitor your riding speed, your battery life, your distance covered, and other ride metrics in real time. 

The Engine Pro also has an 8-speed Shimano transmission to ensure effortless pedaling in all situations as well as front and rear lights to boost your night time safety. The bike also comes with a number of accessories including dual mudguards and a rear rack for taking your cargo.

Engwe M20 – AUD 1,979.00

  • Motor Output: 750W
  • Battery Capacity: 48V 13Ah x 2
  • Load Rating: 150kg

The Engwe M20 is a moped electric bike meant for those who crave high-performance adventure rides. Featuring the same 750W motor as in the Engine Pro, the M20 comes with  20×4” fat tires that help you access any terrain… and a dual battery setup that lets you ride up to more than 100km.

The M20 also comes with a large plush saddle for comfortable gliding and a dual suspension system for rugged off-roading. To ensure safety at all times, you have a dual mechanical disc brake system… as well as lights on both front and rear. 

And to make sure you have a convenient ride, you have a sleek display that lets you track your ride distance, speed, battery, and other ride metrics in real time.

Engwe C20 – AUD 999.00

  • Motor Output: 250W
  • Battery Capacity: 36V 10.4Ah 
  • Load Rating: 150kg

Costing under AUD 1000, the Engwe C20 is one of the best value electric bikes in Australia. It is perfect for urban riders who want something that they can easily take on public transit. It comes with a quick folding frame and weighs just 24kg. It is not only easy to move around, but is also very easy to store. 

Despite its small and portable size, the C20 packs a number of features to make your ride fun and convenient. It has dual mechanical disc brakes for all-weather braking performance and a front  suspension system for comfortable riding on streets.

For ride monitoring, you have a sleek LCD to monitor your riding speed, battery, distance, and other ride metrics in real time. It also has a 7-speed Shimano transmission to ensure effortless pedaling in all situations as well as a bright front lamp for night time safety. 

Engwe T14 – AUD 919.00

  • Motor Output: 350W
  • Battery Capacity: 48V 10Ah 
  • Load Rating: 150kg

The Engwe T14 comes with a stellar quad suspension system for comfortable urban riding and dual mechanical disc brake system for a safe experience. It also comes with lights on both front and rear so that you can continue your journey even after the sun has set. 

In addition to that, it packs a number of accessories including dual fenders… and a rear seat. With a price tag of under AUD 1000, the T14 is one of the best value electric bikes in Australia. The only downside of buying this bike is that it may not be suitable for taller riders due to its 14” wheel size. 

Final Words

Not all electric bikes are expensive. We hope we were able to convince you about that. We also hope that you’re now in a better position to make your ebike buying decision. In case you want to purchase an electric bike for yourself, do check out our lineup

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