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Bicycle theft is on the rise as reported by the FBI. Every three minutes, one bike is stolen. That’s a lot of bike theft. For electric bikes, the figure is even greater. E-bikes have proved to be the major target for thieves as compared to traditional bikes! It’s not that e-bikes are easier or more difficult to steal compared to traditional bikes, but they typically appear more valuable and aesthetically appealing to offenders looking for financial gain. 

This is why investing in a reliable and high-end bicycle lock is necessary to keep your ride safe and secure for daily commuting or adventurous biking. In this comprehensive buying guide, we’ll carefully and thoroughly go through the importance of investing in a good quality lock and the key factors to consider when purchasing one.

Let us now discuss the key factors to consider when buying a bicycle lock, so that you can confidently protect your prized possession from theft.

Type of Lock

One should thoroughly evaluate different bicycle locks for the protection of their bike. Here is a breakdown of different types of locks along with their pros and cons


  • Pros
    • High security as they are made up of hardened steel. 
    • Compact, portable and act as a deterrent to potential thieves due to their robust appearance. 
  • Cons
  • Fixed shape and thus, offer limited flexibility.
  • Cannot fit around bigger, oddly-shaped bike frames.
  • Some U-locks, particularly those with bigger shackles, are very heavy to carry for an extended period.

Folding Lock

  • Pros
  • Feature hardened steel plates and thus, offer high security.
  • Flexible and foldable.
  • Comparatively lighter and can be easily carried over longer distances.
  • Cons
  • More flexible than U-locks but still offer limited flexibility.
  • Comparatively more expensive.
  • More complex to operate due to their folding mechanism. 

Chain Lock

  • Pros
  • Feature a hardened steel link and offer high security.
  • Various practical length options available.
  • Comparatively heavier but are still portable.
  • Cons
  • Can be heavy, especially those with thicker links can be difficult to carry. 
  • Bulky nature makes them less convenient to carry or store when not in use.

Material Composition and Reliability 

Enhanced security and safety of your bike ultimately depends upon the material that the bike lock is made from and how reliable it is. It is of great importance to prioritise locks that have high-quality materials like hardened steel or alloy steel used in them when buying a bicycle lock in order to provide enhanced protection for your bike.

Let us have a look at some of the common materials and their characteristics.

Hardened Steel

Locks with hardened steel shackles, links or plates provide strength, resistance, protection against theft and thus, offer optimal security.

Alloy Steel

Locks with alloy steel, which is made up of iron and other elements (carbon, chromium or manganese), are lighter than pure hardened steel locks but provide adequate durability and protection.

Brass or Zinc Alloy Steel

Brass or zinc alloy steel, which is used to case locks, is not as strong as steel but provides decent security, resistance against corrosion and gives an aesthetic appeal.

Titanium Steel

Titanium locks are comparatively expensive but they provide superior durability, corrosion resistance and strength while being relatively lightweight.

Plastic or Composite Materials

Plastic or composite materials are utilized in some locks in order to lower the weight and cost. This makes the bicycle locks less durable and secure than locks that have metallic composition.

Locking Mechanism

Locking mechanism of a bike lock is necessary for its safety and ease of use. One should always prioritise locks with high-end locking mechanisms to ensure reliability and protection. Here are some common locking mechanisms found in bicycle locks.

Keypad Locks

They offer straightforward operation as they require a physical key to lock and unlock. They are durable and safe to use. However, the only downside is you need to carefully keep the key with you to make sure it doesn’t get misplaced. 

Combination Locks

They require a numeric code to operate, which is a pro for cyclists who don’t want to carry keys with them but if the code is too easy to guess, it can be vulnerable to attacks. 

Dial Locks

They require a rotating dial with numbers or letters to operate, which is simple but slower comparatively.

Keyless Locks

They offer convenient operation as they use Bluetooth or biometric technology, which requires batteries in order to function properly.

Double-Bolt Mechanism 

They offer additional resistance and high-security as they require two separate actions to lock and unlock.

Security Ratings

It is mandatory to look for locks certified with high-security ratings, such as Sold Secure Gold, ART 5 Stars, Thatcham 5 or VdS A. These ratings provide cyclists with information about the protection level offered by certain bike locks against theft attempts and ensures whether the lock meets rigorous security standards or not. 

Portability and Weight

It depends on individual preferences and your environment. For low-risk areas, lightweight locks may suffice and for high-risk areas, a heavier lock may be portable and secure. Locks with compact designs, such as compact U-locks, chain locks or folding locks are super portable and provide ease in transportation.

Additional Features

A cyclist who’s looking for added security should opt for bike locks that come with additional features, such as mounting bracket or holder, protective cover or sleeve, key replacement program, anti-theft protection guarantee, integrated alarm or theft system, lighting or reflective elements, multi-functionality, weather resistance, anti-drilling properties etc. 

By choosing a lock with the right combination of features, you can cycle over extended periods without having to worry about reliability, durability and security! 

Price and Value

Price of different bike locks varies depending upon the brand, materials, design and security features. The higher the quality, the higher the price tag!

One should consider a bike lock with long-term value even if it is expensive because it potentially saves you money in the long run by effectively deterring theft, providing longer warranties, withstanding prolonged use, offering enhanced durability in outdoor conditions with their weather-resistant coatings. It will not only secure your bike but also provide greater peace of mind during your cycling adventures.

Engwe Bicycle Lock

If you want to purchase a high quality bicycle lock to secure your e-bike from theft, we highly recommend you to consider this bicycle lock from Engwe. The Engwe bicycle lock has been made of an alloy zinc material, which means it can neither be cut nor be broken down by any ordinary means. The lock cable has a dia of 10mm (or 1cm)  – which ensures maximum security. 

To make sure the lock is easy and convenient to carry around on your bike, the total weight of the lock has been restricted to 108g. This means you can easily carry this lock with you without having to worry about any additional weight on your ride. As far as the locking mechanism is concerned, the lock features a numeric security keypad instead of the typical key mechanism. This gives you peace of mind since you no longer have to carry the lock key with you wherever you go. 

Last but not least, the lock comes with a budget-friendly tag of just AUD 35. This is a competitive price, especially considering the quality and reliability associated with the Engwe brand. Engwe is one of the most renowned brands known for its reliable and dependable products. It means you can rest assured about the product quality… and can confidently trust your bike with it, whenever and wherever you want. 

Key Features of Engwe Bicycle Lock:

  • Numeric security mechanism for peace of mind
  • Net weight of 108g to ensure portability
  • Cable diameter of 10mm (1cm) to ensure maximum security
  • Made of unbreakable zinc alloy 
  • Budget-friendly tag of just AUD 35

Final Words

Choosing the right bike lock requires thorough evaluation of types of bike locks, material composition and durability of bike locks, convenient locking mechanisms, locks certified with high-security ratings, portable and easily transportable locks, lightweight locks, bike locks that come with additional features, locks with higher value and price tags. 

By opting for bike locks that offer robust security features, one not only gets the assurance about the protection against theft but also gets the opportunity to ride over extended periods with a greater peace of mind!

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