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Whether you are a biking enthusiast or a regular biker, you must know the importance of getting a reliable bike phone mount for your bike. It is not just a boon but a necessity for every biker to provide them easy access to their phones. 

However, navigating a wide variety of bike phone holders and selecting the right one for yourself can be a daunting task. Therefore, we have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you select the perfect fit for your needs. So without any delay, let’s dive straight into it. 

What is a Bike Phone Mount? 

Nowadays, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. 

Even cycling enthusiasts carry their smartphones with them and use them for a variety of activities  while they ride. They might use them for maps, tracking their locations, keeping a track of their workout routine or even listening to music. 

However, phones are not just important, they are  extremely costly as well. Therefore, it is important to protect them while riding through bumpy roads or high speeds. 

That’s where bike phone mounts kick in. These are functional gadgets that attach your phone firmly on your bike’s handlebars, so that your screen is visible when you are riding the bike. These devices keep your phone secure and within your reach when you are riding.

Key Features of Using Phone Mounts 

Now that you know what a bike phone mount is, let’s take a closer look at the key features of phone mounts which make them an essential accessory for cyclists. 

Secure Attachment 

A bike phone holder ensures that your smartphones firmly attach to your bike’s handlebars without slipping or falling during your rides. Some of them also feature twist-lock and a backup magnet that helps you to easily attach your phone. 

Secure attachment is especially important if you are buying it for a fat tire ebike (like the Engwe Engine Pro) so as to venture outdoors.


The bike mounts also provide adjustable angles and positions to accommodate your viewing preferences and phone sizes. This helps minimize distractions… and keeps you focused on the road ahead so that you as well as others arond you stay safe.

Shock Absorption

Bike phone holders also come with features that absorb or reduce the impact of vibration and shocks. This helps to protect your device from any damage caused during a bumpy ride or along rough terrains. 

Weather Resistance

Some mounts also have additional specs like weather-resistance or water-proofing that protects your phone from damage caused by extreme weather changes, rain, moisture or other environmental factors. 

Easy Installation 

A bike phone holder is also easy to install and remove from your bike. You don’t need to install it using any special tool. Most bike phone holders will come with a user manual that will clearly guide you about the installation and removal process.

TPL film

Many phone mounts also come with TPL films that help you to touch the screen while you are riding. This increases the convenience during riding. You can quickly check your incoming messages or calls when you are riding.  

Benefits of Using a Bike Phone Holder 

Using a bike phone mount comes with a variety of benefits, which makes it an excellent and essential accessory for cyclists. Some of these benefits include.

Access to Maps and Apps 

A bike phone mount offers an easy and convenient access to check your maps and applications. Whether you are checking your location or streaming music, phone mounts allow you to stay on course and keep a check on your phone. This can be important when you’re trailing on an off-roader like the Engwe M20.

Phone Security 

Once your phone is secured on your bike using a magnet or other locking features on the phone, your phone is safe and secure on your bike. You don’t need to fumble your pockets or bags while riding to check your phone. 


A lot of bikers face troubles when checking messages or viewing incoming calls. However, phone mounts allow you to have safe communication and they ensure that your phone’s screen is visible throughout your ride. 

Ride Integration

Most ebikes today provide app-sync functionality. That’s you can connect their dashboard with your smartphone using an app so as to monitor your ride in real-time, and access all kinds of ride metrics such as your speed, distance covered, battery status, any system warning, etc.

All in all, using a bike phone mount increases your safety on roads and trails, as you don’t have to worry about your gadget… and you don’t have to engage your hands in checking the route ahead or any other important ride metric.

How to Buy a Bike Phone Holder? 

There is a wide array of bike phone mounts available in the market. These phone mounts are designed to cater different needs. 

While some mounts may offer steady ride during prolonged jerks on a bumpy road, other mounts may be designed to offer resistance against environmental elements. Therefore, you need to select the right mount according to your needs and preferences. 

Well, don’t worry… we have compiled all the crucial factors that you need to look for when selecting the best bike phone mount in Australia. So let’s have a quick look.

Diameter of the Handlebar

Before you invest in a bike phone mount, it is a good idea to measure the diameter of your bike’s handlebar. 

Make sure you select the specific area of the handlebar where you plan to install the phone mount. It would be best if you compare the measurement with the features of the mounts you are considering. 

Most road and mountain bikes come with handlebars with a diameter range of 0.9 to 1.25 inches… so keep that in mind!

Mounting Method

Different phone mounts come with different mounting methods. Some mounts allow you to attach your device to the handlebars using a strap. While others come with a single attachment point and can be adjusted using an Allen key. 

You can always go for the method according to your comfort and convenience. 

Device Compatibility

It is also important to make sure that your mobile phones are compatible with the phone mounts you are buying. So it would be best if you buy the mount that fits the model and size of your phone. 


Another important factor when considering the best phone mount has to be durability. Make sure that your phone mount is made up of sturdy materials like Aluminum that are durable, and can withstand extreme environmental conditions and frequent usage over time. 

Functional Design

The design of your phone mount should be functional and sleek so that they can eliminate any resistance during the ride. Low-profile designs are great for riders who ride at high speeds or along rough terrains. 

Engwe Bike Phone Mount

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly and reliable bike phone holder, Engwe bike phone mount can be a great choice. 

Made of aluminum, this bike phone mount is as sturdy as a phone holder can be. No matter if you travel on rugged terrains with lots of bumps, this phone holder will absorb all impacts before they can reach your phone.

Also, its aluminum construction makes it resistant to all kinds of weather elements. It won’t corrode or rust… and you can reliably use it for years. 

The Engwe bike phone holder has an adjustable mount so as to grip smartphones or electronic gadgets of various sizes. The mount is also angle adjustable, so that you can have a perfect viewing angle during your rides… with minimum to zero distractions.

Last but not the least, its clamp is 100% secured to give you ultimate peace of mind during your outdoor adventures. As for the price, you can buy this bike phone holder for just AUD 35. 

Key Features

  • Budget-friendly with market competitive price
  • Being from a reliable brand, you can expect reliable use for years
  • Aluminum build can sustain all kinds of impacts
  • Resistant to weather elements and corrosion/ rusting
  • Adjustable mount area so as to grip smartphones/ gadgets of various sizes
  • Angle adjustable to give you perfect viewing angle of your phone
  • 100% secured clamp to give you peace of mind during outdoor rides

If you want to purchase this pump, you can do it here.

Final Thoughts 

All in all, we have covered everything you need to know about a bike phone holder and important factors that you need to consider when buying a quality phone mount. No matter if you’re buying it for an off road bike or an on-road bike, this small gadget can surprisingly boost your ride experience.

But remember that you should invest in a phone mount that suits your needs and preferences… and that you should do a good research before making your decision. We hope you enjoyed the read. Happy riding!

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