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If you want to maximize the utility of your ebike, investing in a bike rack and bag is the perfect thing to do. One of the most useful accessories you’d ever buy, it allows you to haul your daily essentials, bring groceries, or take your picnic gear with you in a seamless way. If you want to buy a bike rack and bag but are not sure what to look for when buying them, just read on.

Types of Bike Racks

Before we discuss the features to consider when buying a bike rack and bag, let us first discuss their types, starting with bike racks. Also, it’s worth mentioning that all Engwe bikes, except the M20, come with a rear bike rack. The reason the M20 doesn’t have a rack is because it’s a moped-style ebike.

Rear Rack

Rear rack is the most common type of rack you’ll find on bikes. Its placement makes it suitable for hauling heavy loads. While most rear bikes can carry around 20-30 kg of load, some heavy duty racks can carry much more.

Placing your cargo on the rear doesn’t disturb your weight distribution to a great extent… and it’s so far the best configuration for the purpose. If your bike doesn’t already come with a rear rack, you can mount one… provided that your bike has braze-on mounts or metal C clips, in case your bike doesn’t have braze-on mounts.

Front Rack

A front rack negatively affects the weight distribution of your bike so it must always be a secondary option. This results in bad steering and must be avoided in all cases for a bike meant for off-roading. 

Another downside of using front racks is that they can partially or fully block your bike’s front light. Just like rear racks, these racks also attach to your bike’s braze-on mounts. 

Features to Consider When Buying Bike Racks

Let us now discuss what to consider when you’re buying a bike rack.

Load Capacity

Since you’re buying the rack for hauling cargo, it’s important to see how much load it can carry. As mentioned before, most rear bikes can carry around 20-30 kg of load, which is sufficient for most use cases. 

However, heavy duty racks that can carry up to 50kg of load are also available for touring or cargo bikes. 


Whatever rack you buy, make sure it’s compatible with your bike. You can easily mount a bike rack if your bike has braze-on mounts or metal C clips. 

Other Factors

You might also want to consider the material and weight of the rack. A good quality rack will be able to carry more load while weighing less. You must also consider your budget and use case. 

Types of Bike Bags

Let us now discuss the types of bike bags, and then we will move onto the buying guide.


Panniers is actually French for baskets. They use simple clips, bungee cords, or spring-loaded hooks to attach with either your front or rear rack. Panniers are not only easy to attach, but they are also very easy to detach.

They are suitable for carrying almost all of your day-to-day stuff as well as your gear for a picnic. 


Baskets have no lid so can be used to haul taller items. They are also suitable for carrying a large number of items, and are perfect for hauling grocery. 

You can attach a basket to both the front or rear rack of your bike, but the front bike cannot exceed a certain size. Because if it does, it will affect your steering and handling.

Saddle Bags

Saddle bags are known by various names, including saddle packs, underseat bags or seat bags. These bags are very versatile and come in various sizes to accommodate a wide range of your stuff. 

Saddle bags also have various compartments inside them that help you organize your essentials while you’re carrying them. 

Rear Trunk

A rear trunk is one of the most useful cargo hauling accessories that you can get. It is larger than a saddle bag but usually smaller than panniers… and are suitable for carrying everything from food and clothing to tools.

Many trunk bags have plastic sheets that reinforce the base for retaining the bag’s shape. They also come with pockets and compartments to keep your stuff organized.

Handlebar Bags

In addition to rack bags, you can also consider buying a handlebar bag for carrying smaller stuff like your camera or sunglasses. The biggest benefit of these bike bags is that they are very easy to access so are perfect for keeping items that you need frequently.

Frame Bags

Last but not least, you can also get bags that mount on your frame to carry your phone, food, tools, or any other accessory that you might want to access frequently. Frame bags usually go on your top tube. They’re extremely easy to attach and detach.

Features to Consider When Buying Bike Bags

Let us now discuss what to consider when you’re buying bike bags.


First of all, you need to assess the dimensions of the bag to make sure it will easily attach to where you want. You might also want to check the attachment mechanism and go for one that you think is easy for you.

Water Resistance

If you don’t want precipitation to disturb your adventures… and you want to use your ebike in all weather conditions, you might want to invest in a waterproof bag. This is all the more important if you plan to carry electronic equipment or smartphones in your bags.

Even if you’re not carrying electronics, having a waterproof bag gives you peace of mind by keeping your essentials protected from weather conditions.  


Many bike bags today can be adjusted to accommodate things of various sizes and shapes via expandable collars or compression straps. This enables you to use just one bag for hauling various items. 


Last but not least, the bike bag should be easily accessible to you. It must also have various compartments or pockets to keep your things organized, instead of large undivided spaces.

Engwe Bike Rack Bag

At Engwe, we offer two types of bike rack bags in two different budget ranges. The first is the  more expensive waterproof rack bag. It is suitable for those who want all-weather protection for their stuff when they go out. It’s a premium option and an investment that will pay you for a lifetime. For more details about this bag, please visit its page here

Our other bike bag is a simple trunk bag. It is suitable for those looking for a reliable yet budget-friendly way to carry their gear on their trips. The trunk bag can accommodate a wide range of items in a convenient way and is reasonably spacious. For more details about this bag, please visit its page here

Final Words

If you want to maximize the utility of your ebike, investing in a bike rack and bag is the right thing to do. This allows you to haul your daily essentials, bring groceries, or pack your picnic gear in a seamless way. With that said, we hope it was an informative read.  

If you want to buy an ebike, do check out our lineup. And in case you’re a dealer or a publisher, we invite you to have a look at our Affiliate Program. It is free to join, and we offer a 5% commission on every sale made through your affiliate link. Happy riding!

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