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Whether you are a casual rider or a regular commuter, you need to carry your bike essentials and gears with you on every ride. Stuffing your essentials and carrying a bulging messenger bag could be incredibly difficult for you, especially if you are riding along rough terrain. Therefore, you need a perfect bike rack bag to stash your essentials. 

To help you out, we have compiled a buying guide for you to buy the best bike rack bag that suits your riding needs and preferences. So without any further delay, let’s get started. 

What is a Rack Bag? 

A rack bag for bikes is a bag specifically designed to attach to a rear rack mounted on your bike. It provides additional storage space for carrying groceries, commuting gear, camping equipment, or anything else you need while riding. Therefore, it is an excellent accessory for bikers who need to carry their gears and essentials with them. 

Key Features of a Rack Bag

Now let’s talk about some of the key features of a rack bag which make them an excellent accessory for riders. 


Typically, rack bags are attached to the rack with the help of straps, hooks, or a click-on system. This ensures that you have a secure and stable connection even on bumpy rides.


There are various types of rack bags available, including panniers, which are large, paired bags mounted on either side of the rack, trunk bags, which are single, larger bags mounted on top of the rack, and seat bags, which are smaller bags mounted under your seat.

Bonus Features 

Some bags offer additional features like waterproof material, reflective elements for increased visibility, compartments for organization, and shoulder straps for carrying off the bike.

What are the Benefits of Using Rack Bag? 

Carrying a rack bag for bikes comes with several benefits, including improved comfort, better weight distribution, and enhanced bike handling. Let’s study all the benefits of using a rack bag in detail. 


Rack bags, such as rack trunks and panniers, offer a more comfortable alternative to backpacks and other messenger bags by reducing strain on the rider’s back. These bags also minimize the chances of sweating. This is especially beneficial for longer rides and daily commutes. So you don’t have to worry about arriving at your destination in a shabby or exhausted condition.

Weight Distribution

Rack bags allow for better weight distribution. This can enhance the overall stability and handling of the bike. Unlike backpacks, rack bags keep the weight off the rider’s body, leading to a more balanced and comfortable riding experience. This is especially important if you’re riding an off-roader like the Engwe M20.

Bike Handling

Having a rack bag on your side, such as panniers, can also improve bike handling. This is particularly important when you are transporting larger and heavier loads. It is also advantageous for commuting and long-distance tours, as it enhances the overall stability of the bike. 


If you carry your essentials in a shopper or bags hanging by the handles of your bike, it is risky as well. You probably had to worry about your materials slipping in the middle of the ride. However, with a rack bag, you don’t have to worry about the safety of these materials. The quality built and design of the rack bags keep your essentials safe. 


Rack bags offer added convenience and extra storage, allowing you to carry extra gears for longer commutes or errands. You can carry essentials like tools and gears that could even help you during emergency situations. Moreover, you can even carry snacks and your clothes if you are planning a weekend getaway or a longer ride. 


Whether you are looking for a valuable accessory for extra storage or convenience during your ride, these versatile bags come in different sizes and types to cater your commuting to touring needs. A bike rack bag is especially important for those who own a fat tire ebike (like the Engwe Engine Pro) for frequent outdoor trips.

How to Select the Best Rack Bag for Yourself? 

Selecting the best rack bags depends on a variety of factors. In order to select the best rack bag for yourself, you need to consider the following important factors 

  1. Riding Preferences and Requirements

If you are a regular commuter, you should opt for a waterproof bag that comes with compartments for work clothes, lunch, and other necessary accessories. It would be best if you chose panniers for larger loads or a trunk bag for a central, secure option.

However, if you are planning to get a bag for touring, then you need to choose a large, durable bag with waterproof materials and features like compression straps and attachment points for additional gear. Panniers are ideal for touring. 

Moreover, a smaller, lightweight bag with adequate  space for essentials like tools, snacks, and a phone might be sufficient for recreational riding. You can even consider a seat bag for quick access or a frame bag for a streamlined look.

Many people also need bags for carrying their groceries. If you need a bag for regular use,  prioritize easy access and stability. Panniers might not be ideal for navigating through crowds, but a trunk bag could work well.

  1. Size and Capacity

Another important factor that you need to consider is size and capacity. Measure what you typically carry and compare it to different bag capacities. Don’t forget to account for potential future needs.

Panniers distribute weight evenly but might feel wider. Single bags offer good central storage but can affect handling if overloaded. If you have a mini ebike like the Engwe T14, you need to carefully check the size of the bag so as to make sure it fits your rack. 

  1. Attachment System

It is also crucial to check your rack compatibility. Before you take the final plunge, make sure the bag’s attachment system matches your rack type (e.g., side brackets, top platform). 

You should also prioritize secure and stable attachment. Look for sturdy straps, hooks, or click-on systems that prevent shifting even on rough terrain.

  1. Additional Features

Some additional features that you need to consider include waterproof materials that are crucial for protecting your belongings in wet weather.

You also need to choose a bag with compartments and pockets. Organize your gear efficiently and keep essentials easily accessible.

In addition to this, features like shoulder straps enable convenient carrying off the bike when needed.

  1. Budget 

Rack bags might vary in price depending on size, features, and brand. Therefore, you need to set a realistic budget and prioritize features most relevant to your needs. 

  1. Bonus Tip 

Another pro tio before you invest in a rack bag would be to research online reviews and consider trying different bags in person if possible to get a feel for size and comfort.

Engwe Bike Rack Bags

At Engwe, we currently offer two types of rear rack bags – a simple trunk bag for those who are looking for a budget-friendly way to haul their gear on their trips… and a waterproof rear rack bike for those who want all-weather protection for their belongings when they venture out. 

Both of our bags are easy to attach and detach… and offer multiple pockets to carry all kinds of stuff. They are also quite spacious as well and can fulfill the needs of every enthusiast. In case you want to get more details about our bike rack bags, please visit the links below. You can also make a purchase through these links.

Since Engwe is a reliable brand, you can rest assured that our bike rack bags will last you for several years. They’ll add thrill and convenience to your adventure… and will prove to be the most practical bike accessory you’ll ever buy. In case you have any query about these bags, please feel free to contact us. 

Final Thoughts 

So there now, we hope you are well aware of the benefits of carrying a rack bag with you. It offers improved comfort for riders, better weight distribution, and an enhanced bike handling experience. Therefore, these valuable bags are a smart, practical and convenient way to transport your belongings during your ride. So make sure you pick the right bag that fits your needs and riding style. We hope you enjoyed the read. 

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