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Ebikes are becoming increasingly popular for commuting. One of the biggest reasons for people shifting to this mode of transport is that it is more affordable than a car. Other major advantages of commuting by ebikes include reduction in carbon emissions and ability to avoid traffic jams. 

But is commuting by ebike that simple? Well, there are a lot of things that you must take into account before switching your mode of transport to an ebike… and that’s what we will be discussing in this blog. But before we get to that, let us first discuss why you should consider commuting by ebikes.

Why Should You Consider Commuting by Ebikes?

Many people want to cycle to their workplaces as it is affordable, convenient, and good for their body but due to their prevailing health conditions or because of their age cannot cycle all the distance. Many riders have also reported that cycling is so exhausting for them that they cannot focus on their work properly for the rest of the day. And this is where ebikes come in.

Ebikes have made cycling easy for people. The motor in an ebike provides assistance that facilitates riders to travel long distances. It means, with ebikes, riders can actually enjoy going to work. Although they need to pedal, the motor assists them during the journey… making their ride comfortable and exciting.

Ebikes are more efficient than normal bikes

Ebikes are designed with a motor and a lithium-ion battery packed with 8-28Ah capacity. This electric powertrain makes them more efficient as compared to the normal cycles. 

Riders find ebikes a more suitable option when they have to climb uphill as the motor can assist them in pedal movement. Although riders still need to steer, brake, and pedal, they can ride faster and longer without as much effort.

Likewise, ebikes are more efficient as compared to cars because they can maneuver through traffic more easily, avoiding congestion and reducing time spent idling… which wastes fuel in cars.

Ebikes can help control carbon emissions

The world is facing many problems with the rise in carbon emissions. The use of ebikes as an alternative to cars helps reduce carbon footprint. It’s because of their size and their electric powertrain, which makes them more environmentally friendly compared to cars and motorcycles. 

Many studies have pointed that a shift to ebikes for commuting can significantly reduce emissions as a very high percentage of carbon is emitted from cars.

Ebikes are more budget-friendly 

If manual bikes are compared with ebikes, ebikes are certainly more expensive because of the motor, battery, and other extra features. But if the price of an ebike is compared with that of a car, an ebike is way more affordable as compared to the car. 

Ebikes are also cheaper to operate and maintain. Even if you compare the cost of charging your ebike using electricity, even amidst the rising electricity prices across the world, it is still considerably less in comparison to the price of getting a tank full of fuel in your car. The cost of charging an ebike is a tenth of a fraction of fuel costs incurred on a car riding the same distance.

Moreover, ebike owners also make a considerable amount of savings on maintenance, as the cost of maintaining and servicing an ebike is also far less as compared to that of a car. 

What to Consider When Commuting by Ebikes

If you are thinking about commuting by ebikes, you need to make sure you have the right ebike for the purpose. An ebike for commuting should be safe, reliable, and capable enough to take you from your home to office and back, everyday without fail. While considering different options, make sure the ebike you go for has all the features for this purpose.

This includes a reliable braking system (disc brakes are fine, whether mechanical or hydraulic), front and rear lights, an electric horn, a comfortable saddle, and an efficient powertrain. Moreover if you don’t have a storage spot in office or you need to take public transit during your commute, you might want to consider a folding ebike, like the Engwe C20.

What about range anxiety?

The first thing you need to consider when using your bike for commuting is its range. Yes, range anxiety is real! Many riders fear that the range quoted by the manufacturer is pretty generous as compared to its actual travel time. 

Moreover, many factors affect the range a bike can travel, so the figure can be different from the one provided by the manufacturer. The weight on the bike, your riding speed, the wind speed and direction, and inclination are some of the factors that should be taken into consideration when estimating the battery range of the bike.

The solution is pretty simple. You can only tell the exact range your ebike can cover after regularly riding the bike… so before you start using your ebike for commuting, ride it for a week or two. You will soon realize the actual range of your ebike, based on your weight and riding style. Moreover, according to recent surveys, many riders have reported that their ebikes travel close to the range the company claims. 

Weight doesn’t matter for ebikes

In a manual bike, every bit of weight will make it difficult for the rider to move forward as they have to pedal all the weight by themselves… and would prefer their bike to be as light as possible. Riders that use bikes to travel on inclinations prefer staying as light as possible because it is already very strenuous for them to move without assistance against gravity.

But you need not worry about weight in an ebike, because the motor is there to assist the rider. So, riders can easily bear the additional load… and can even get pannier racks attached. The weight of these racks is borne by the motor and the riders can use them to keep their things while commuting to different places. 

Riders can even opt for ebikes with fat tires that can facilitate them to move through difficult terrains such as the trails and the mountains. No matter how much weight your ebike has, all of that would be borne by the motor. 

What about the sweat problem?

Many people who want to travel to work on bikes do not do so… but because of sweat issues. In the summer especially, a bike ride to the office means that they would stink in the office all day. Many offices do not have shower facilities and not everyone is comfortable with the idea of showering after reaching the office. 

However, with the use of ebikes on the rise, this problem is there no more. People can easily use ebikes for going to their office without getting sweaty. No matter if your commute involves inclines or if it’s a long distance from your home, the electric motor will do all the work for you.

Final Words

Commuting by ebikes is not only cheaper and convenient, but it is also very good for the environment. We hope we were able to address all your queries related to commuting by ebikes. In case you’re planning to buy an ebike, please visit our lineup. 

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