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Electric bikes are one of the most precious assets of every commuter and biking enthusiast. They are getting increasingly popular among people around the world. However, their increasing popularity also makes them an easy target for many thieves that’s why you have to use an e-bike lock!

As a consequence, many e-bike owners have been victims of thefts. Therefore, it is incredibly crucial to protect your e-bikes by taking some simple yet effective steps that could significantly reduce the risks of thefts. Scroll down to read more about how you can protect your e-bike from thefts.

How to Protect Your E-Bike From Theft?

Here are some of the best practices and steps you should take to reduce the risk of e-bike theft and protect your ebike. 

  1. Register Your E-bike

First things first. As soon as you buy your e-bike, it is extremely important to register your e-bike with your local authorities.  

You can search up authorities responsible for registering your ebikes in your community.  You will need a couple of pictures of your ebike along with the serial number of your ebike. While all bikes have a conventional serial number, your e-bikes have an extra serial number in their motors and battery. 

This is one of the most important steps as whenever any unfortunate event arises, you can directly report to your local or national authorities to help you out in this matter. This step also increases your chances of recovering your stolen bikes whenever they are found. 

  1. E-bike Insurance 

Another step to keep your bikes safe would be to consider e-bike insurance. Insurance programs could also offer financial protection or instant recovery in case of thefts or damage to your e-bikes. This could be particularly valance considering the higher costs of e-bikes as compared to the conventional bikes. 

  1. Park Your E-bike in Safe Areas

It is quite obvious but many people still neglect this step quite a lot. You need to stay cautious about where you park or lock your ebike. You must be aware of the isolated or vulnerable parts of your town which have a higher chance of such occurrences. Such areas are the center of bike thefts. 

It would be best if you park or lock your bikes in heavily populated, busy and well-lit areas where there is a lot of foot traffic. You can even use designated bike lockers, stands or parking spots to park your ebike as these spots are well-monitored. Just make sure you don’t abandon your ebike in an isolated or poorly lit spot where thieves can work undisturbed. 

  1. Lock Your Bike Properly 

Many e-bike owners don’t lock their bikes properly. In fact, many of them don’t even own locks that could keep their bikes safe. It is extremely important to lock your e-bike to a strong, stable and stationary object like a bike rack or a metal post. It is also essential to ensure that your lock goes through both the frames of the bike and the wheel. 

  1. Invest in a High-Quality Lock 

If you haven’t considered investing in a high-quality lock that could keep your e-bike safe, this is your sign to buy one now! Buying a lock isn’t just about investing in your e-bike accessory, but it is a wise investment in its safety and protection. So make sure you get your hands on a top-notch lock. 

Not only this, you can invest in more than one lock. If one lock sounds good, two locks are better and much safer. You could choose specs and different styles of locks so that your e-bike appears less desirable among the rest in front of the thieves. They will have to risk their life and safety not just on one lock but two of them. 

  1. Install a GPS Tracker or Alarm System 

It is a good idea to get creative with the security of your ebike. Put an alarm system that can alert everyone whenever your ebike is touched or the lock is broken. Moreover, you can also install a GPS Tracker that can track the location of your bike if it’s stolen. With the help of the GPS and local authorities of your area, you can track your ebike and bring it back home. 

  1. Remove Your Valuables and Accessories 

If you are leaving your bike unattended, check your bikes for any valuables or accessories. So whenever you leave your bike, you don’t leave any precious item in your bike or other essentials like lights, bulbs or bags. If your bike is laden with valuable items, this makes it attractive to thieves. 

Therefore, carry all your valuables with you so that your bike appears less attractive to thieves and they are less likely to target your bike. If your bike has a removable battery mechanism, such as we have on the Engwe M20 or other Engwe e-bikes, you can also consider removing the battery and taking it inside with you.

Why Invest in a Quality E-bike Lock to Protect Your E-Bike From Theft? 

Investing in a quality lock is a great idea to keep your bike safe and secure while you are busy running errands.

Compared to conventional bikes, e-bikes are often seen as more valuable targets for thefts due to their higher costs and powerful batteries. Therefore, a good lock deter theft attempt with its visible security features such as thick shackles and sturdy materials. These specs and features make it significantly difficult to steal your e-bike. 

What to Look for in an E-Bike Lock?

If you are wondering to buy a lock for your e-bike, here are some specs and features you should consider:

  • U-lock: This is the most recommended type of lock for e-bikes due to its superior quality and strength. 

  • SHAC-Certification: Get a lock either SHAC or Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold certification, which makes sure it meets the rigorous security standards. 

  • Shackle: The shackle thickness would be at least 10mm (1cm), preferably thicker. 

  • Materials: Look for a lock with sturdy raw materials made from hardened steel for maximum resistance to cutting tools. 

  • Weight and Size: Your lock should have a perfect balance between security features, weight and portability. It should be portable so that you can carry it wherever you like. 

In addition to this, it is important to notice while u-locks are great for security, don’t solely rely on them. Using a combination of chain locks and U-lock can offer extra protection. 

Get an E-bike Lock From Engwe

If you’re looking for a quality bicycle lock, you might want to consider this bicycle lock from Engwe. Made of zinc alloy, this lock cannot be cut or broken. It has a cable diameter of 10mm (1cm) to ensure maximum security. And to ensure portability and convenience, the lock has a net weight of 108g, which makes it easier for you to carry it with your ebike. 

Last but not least, the lock has a numeric security mechanism instead of the typical key mechanism. It ensures peace of mind, as you don’t have to keep a key with you all the time. The lock also has a reasonable price. This is important because Engwe is a renowned brand with a strong reputation for reliability and dependability that it has built over the years. So, you can rest assured about the product quality. 

Key Features of Engwe E-bike Lock:

  • Made of unbreakable zinc alloy 
  • Cable diameter of 10mm (1cm) to ensure max security
  • Net weight of 108g to ensure portability 
  • Numeric security mechanism for peace of mind

Is Investing in a E-bike Lock Enough? 

While it is a wise idea to invest in a quality to lock that will make it difficult for thieves to steal your bike, it is important to bear in mind that no single method or practice is foolproof. Therefore, it would be best if you implement a layered approach by combining all these strategies that will deter the thieves from stealing your valuable e-bikes and significantly decrease the chances of thefts. 

Final Thoughts 

All in all, we have covered all the tips and steps that will help you enjoy your e-bike adventures with peace of mind. It is very important for you to take all the crucial precautions to protect your valuable investment. We hope you will stay vigilant, invest in a quality lock and implement these steps to keep your bike safe. 

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