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Electric bikes are getting more common in Australia with every passing day. While teens and students are buying e-bikes in huge numbers, adults or heavy riders are usually reluctant to make this decision, fearing that an e-bike might not be suitable for them. 

Well, that’s not the case. Adults and heavy riders can as much enjoy an e-bike as a teen or a student; they just need to buy the right type of electric bike. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the key benefits of e-bikes as well as the factors that heavy riders need to consider before going forward with the purchase of the electric bike. So, let us get started.

Electric Bikes For Heavy Riders

Ordinary bicycles are not a suitable option for heavy riders to travel long distances. Traveling long distances and hilly areas is very exerting, to say the least. Electric bikes have a motor installed in them, which makes them fast and convenient… but that’s not all. Here are some of the reasons why e-bikes are suitable for heavy riders. 

Effortless Riding

Electric bikes have powerful motors that ensure smooth acceleration and effortless climbing on hills. Therefore, they can help heavy riders ride longer distances or climb hills without exerting themselves. Electric bikes also have various pedal assist levels, with higher assist levels making the electric bikes perform better in terms of speed and acceleration.

Eco-Friendly Option 

Electric bikes are eco-friendly since they use lithium-ion batteries to get power. These batteries release zero emissions and reduce the carbon footprint in the atmosphere. An electric bike is a sustainable transportation choice compared to a fuel and gas bike. 


Electric bikes are easy to carry around compared to motorcycles. This offers portability to heavy riders, as they can easily store or transport these bikes. Moreover, many electric bikes today are foldable, which makes them even easier to move around. People can easily carry them even on metro buses and trains.

Other Benefits

Electric bikes are easy to clean and maintain. They are also cost-effective to buy and operate. Compared to motor vehicles that require special licenses and insurance for their operation, they need no such thing. Electric bikes are also easy to control as they have simple working mechanisms. 

How to Buy an Electric Bike For Heavy Riders?

In case you weigh on the heavier side and you want to purchase an electric bike, it is crucial for you to consider the following factors before making your buying decision. 

  1. Frame  

Frame is the first and foremost thing to consider when buying an electric bike for heavy riders. Your e-bike must be able to bear your load. Electric bikes have different load ratings, so heavy riders should consider an ebike that’s made of aluminum alloy and that can easily endure their weight.

In addition to that, always go for an e-bike that is lightweight so that you don’t have to exert yourself. Electric bike brands always offer a measurement chart of weight and height, making it easier for the riders to find a bike that can ensure a convenient experience to them.

  1. Powertrain 

Next up, heavy riders should make sure their e-bike has enough power to move them around. For instance, a 200W motor will be less powerful than say a 500W motor, so you need to consider the motor output in your buying decision.

Likewise, when it comes to range, electric bikes can cover distances ranging from 40-80 km but it can differ according to the size of the battery. If a heavy rider has to travel long distances daily, it is essential for them to purchase an e-bike with sufficient motor power and battery capacity.

  1. Comfort

Comfort is always a huge priority for heavy riders. If an e-bike has a comfortable saddle, it makes the whole day relaxing. Some electric bikes have a large cushioned saddle and more ergonomic designs… so heavy riders need to keep the comfort in mind as well.

  1. Braking System 

A strong and durable braking system is crucial to consider in electric bikes for heavy riders. Hydraulic disk brakes have superior braking power compared to mechanical disc brakes or the ordinary rim brakes, hence they must always be preferred by heavy riders. The hydraulic brakes also require less maintenance and work in any weather condition. 

  1. Brand and Warranty

An electric bike for heavy riders goes through more strain compared to a normal e-bike, so you must consider buying a reputable brand electric bike that offers a reliable warranty time. This will ensure your bike is durable and reliable to withstand all types of use cases. 

Why Buy Engwe Electric Bike For Heavy Riders?

If you are looking to buy an electric bike in Australia, Engwe electric bikes are the appropriate choice for heavy riders. These bikes are designed with durable materials to withstand the weight of heavy riders, to effortlessly traverse rough terrains, and to cover long distances. 

Here are some more reasons why Engwe e-bikes are suitable for heavier riders:

  • One of the prominent features of Engwe electric bikes is their durable frame construction. Made of aluminum alloy, Engwe e-bikes can easily accommodate riders of various builds and sizes, leaving no effect on the structure of the e-bike. All Engwe bikes can endure a weight up to 150 kg, which makes them suitable for heavy riders.
  • Engwe electric bikes feature powerful electric motors, which makes it easy for heavy riders to travel through hilly areas and rough terrains. Moreover, the long-lasting batteries installed in Engwe electric bikes make them the best choice for heavy riders looking to travel longer distances. 
  • Engwe electric bikes feature a number of top-shelf components i.e., suspension systems, reliable brake systems, and Shimano transmission, which makes them suitable for heavier rides. Moreover, Engwe e-bikes have affordable prices despite their numerous top-grade features. Engwe is a budget-friendly choice for personal transportation in Australia. 

Best Electric Bikes For Heavy Riders in Australia

Let us have a brief look at some of the best electric bikes for heavy riders in Australia offered by Engwe.

Engwe Engine Pro 

  • Motor Output: 750W
  • Battery Capacity: 48V 16Ah
  • Load Rating: 150kg

The Engwe Engine Pro is specifically designed for heavier riders. It has a powerful motor that can propel you on road and inclines with no effort, a dual hydraulic brake system with 160mm rotors for all-weather braking, a Shimano-8 gear system for effortless riding, and a dual suspension system for smooth gliding. 

The Engine Pro also has 20” fat tires that can easily endure any amount of load you put on them, and can easily ride on any kind of terrain. The bike also comes with a number of accessories including dual lights, color display, and rear rack, to name a few.

Engwe M20

  • Motor Output: 750W
  • Battery Capacity: 48V 13Ah x 2
  • Load Rating: 150kg

The Engwe M20 is a moped-style electric bike designed for heavy adults. It has a powerful 750W motor to power you wherever you want to go, in addition to a dual battery setup that increases your riding range to up to 150km. 

The M20 also comes with a dual suspension system that lets you access any terrain you want, besides a large and comfortable saddle to have a relaxing journey. The M20 also has front and rear lights, disc brakes, and 20×4” fat tires for riding on rugged tracks.

Engwe C20

  • Motor Output: 250W
  • Battery Capacity: 36V 10.4Ah 
  • Load Rating: 150kg

The Engwe C20 is a lightweight folding ebike that enhances portability and allows you to move it around with you. Despite its small size, the C20 can carry a rider weight of up to 150kg, which makes it suitable for heavy riders.

The C20 also has a number of features that you may want in a ride. It has a front suspension, dual disc brakes, an efficient powertrain, a smart LCD, and a Shimano-7 transmission. It’s also very sleek and stylish to look at.

Engwe T14

  • Motor Output: 350W
  • Battery Capacity: 48V 10Ah 
  • Load Rating: 150kg

The Engwe T14 is a mini e-bike for teens and students, but thanks to its 150kg load capacity, even heavy riders can also ride it. However, it may not be suitable for taller riders due to its super-compact size and 14” wheels.

In case, you have a less than average height, this ebike offers pretty much everything you may want from a ride. The T14 has a quad suspension system, dual lights, dual disc brakes, dual fenders… and even a rear seat. 


We hope you now have a good understanding of the key features and factors to consider before buying an electric bike for heavy riders in Australia. Always make a smart choice by considering all the features, and always consider a lot of e-bikes available in the market before narrowing down your picks and making your buying decision. 

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