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The electric folding bicycle has quickly become a popular choice for people seeking convenient, eco-friendly, and stylish transportation options.

Whether you’re exploring Melbourne’s hidden gems, navigating Sydney’s vibrant laneways, or enjoying the stunning views of Perth’s Swan River, an electric folding bicycle is your ticket to unlocking the true beauty of this vast country.

However, with the wide array of options flooding the market, selecting the perfect e-bike can be quite overwhelming. This guide will simplify the process as we will discuss all the factors to consider buying an electric folding bicycle in Australia, provide tips on finding the best one, explore potential drawbacks, and highlight some of the finest options available in the country.

Why Buy an Electric Folding Bicycle in Australia?

Buying an electric folding bicycle opens up a world of possibilities for urban commuters and outdoor enthusiasts alike. The compact design, portability, and efficiency of these bicycles make them an ideal choice for navigating bustling cities, reducing environmental impact, and maintaining an active lifestyle.

Let’s delve into all the reasons that make investing in an electric folding bicycle in Australia both practical and worthwhile!

Compact & Portable

Electric folding bicycles are designed with the urban commuter in mind. Their foldable frames and lightweight construction allow for effortless folding and carrying, making them ideal for navigating crowded city streets, public transportation, and tight storage spaces.

In Australia’s bustling cities, where space is often limited, the compact nature of electric folding bicycles ensures easy storage at home, the office, or even inside apartments, eliminating the need for cumbersome bike racks or parking concerns.

Effortless Commuting

Commuting on an electric folding bicycle allows for flexibility, independence, and a stress-free travel experience.

Electric folding bicycles are not limited to commuting alone; they offer an array of possibilities for exploration and leisure activities. Whether you want to embark on scenic rides along the coastline, explore nature trails, or simply enjoy the outdoors, an electric folding bicycle provides the flexibility to do so.

Its compact design allows for easy transportation in the trunk of a car or on public transportation, enabling riders to venture beyond their immediate surroundings and discover new destinations effortlessly.

Multi-Modal Transportation

Electric folding bicycles seamlessly integrate with other modes of transportation. They serve as the perfect solution for the first and last mile of a journey when combined with public transportation.

Commuters can quickly fold their electric bikes, hop on a train or bus, and continue their journey upon reaching their desired stop. This multi-modal approach enhances overall mobility and reduces reliance on single-mode transportation.

Theft Prevention

The compact nature of electric folding bicycles offers an added advantage in terms of security. When parked, these bikes can be easily folded and carried inside buildings or stored in secure areas. This reduces the risk of theft or damage compared to traditional bicycles that are often left unattended in public spaces.

Environmental Sustainability

Australia is actively striving to reduce carbon emissions and embrace sustainable transportation alternatives. Electric folding bicycles play a crucial role in promoting eco-conscious commuting. 

By opting for an electric bike, individuals contribute to reducing their carbon footprint and minimizing air pollution. Powered by rechargeable batteries, these bicycles emit zero emissions during operation, providing a clean and green transportation option that aligns with Australia’s environmental goals.

Health Benefits

Engaging in physical activity is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and electric folding bicycles provide an excellent opportunity to incorporate exercise into daily routines.

Although the electric motor aids in propulsion, riders still actively pedal, which enhances cardiovascular fitness and strengthens leg muscles without the excessive strain typically associated with conventional cycling.


In an era of rising fuel prices and increasing public transportation fares, owning an electric folding bicycle offers a cost-effective alternative. The cost of purchasing and maintaining an electric folding bicycle is significantly lower than that of owning a car or relying solely on public transportation.

With minimal maintenance requirements and low charging costs, riders can enjoy substantial long-term savings while benefiting from the convenience and independence of a personal mode of transportation.

How to Find the Best Electric Folding Bicycle in Australia?

Finding the best electric folding bicycle in Australia requires careful consideration of your requirements, budget, folding mechanism, frame material, and a few other factors.

By following this step-by-step guide, you can make an informed decision and choose an electric folding bicycle that brings joy to your daily commute and suits your needs.

Determine Your Requirements

Before diving into the vast array of options, it is essential to assess your specific requirements. 

Consider factors such as your intended use, riding distance, terrain, and desired features. Are you primarily commuting short distances, or do you plan to embark on longer rides? Do you require additional features like a high-powered motor or suspension for off-road adventures? Identifying your needs will help narrow down your search.

Research Local Regulations

Familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations regarding electric bicycles in Australia.

Each state may have specific rules regarding speed limits, power output, age restrictions, and helmet requirements. Ensuring that your chosen electric folding bicycle complies with the regulations will prevent any legal complications down the line.

Budget Considerations

Set a realistic budget based on your financial capacity and the value you place on the features you desire.

Electric folding bicycles can vary significantly in price, depending on factors such as motor power, battery capacity, frame materials, and additional features. Determine how much you are willing to spend while keeping in mind that investing in quality can provide a more enjoyable and long-lasting experience.

Battery Performance

One of the critical aspects of an electric folding bicycle is its battery performance. Evaluate the battery capacity, charging time, and estimated range provided by different models. Consider your typical riding distances and choose a battery that can comfortably support your needs. 

Keep in mind that higher-capacity batteries generally offer longer ranges but may add weight to the bike.

Motor Power

The motor is the heart of an electric bicycle, determining its speed and ability to handle various terrains.

Different motor systems, such as hub motors and mid-drive motors, offer distinct advantages. Hub motors provide a smooth and quiet ride, while mid-drive motors offer better weight distribution and hill-climbing capabilities. Select a motor power that suits your intended riding conditions and preferences.

Folding Mechanism & Portability

Since the goal is to find an electric folding bicycle, pay close attention to the folding mechanism and its ease of use.

Look for features such as quick-release mechanisms, compact folding size, and lightweight construction. Consider how often you will need to fold and transport the bicycle, and ensure that the folding mechanism meets your practical requirements.

Frame Material & Durability

The frame material plays a crucial role in the overall durability and weight of the electric folding bicycle. When choosing a frame material, first consider your priorities regarding weight, durability, and cost.

Common materials include aluminum, steel, and carbon fiber. Aluminum frames are lightweight and resistant to rust, while steel frames offer strength and affordability. Meanwhile, carbon fiber frames provide a balance between strength and weight.

Suspension & Comfort

If you plan to ride on rough or uneven terrains, a suspension system can significantly enhance your comfort and control.

Look for electric folding bicycles equipped with front suspension forks or full suspension systems, depending on the level of off-road capability you desire. A comfortable saddle and ergonomic handlebars are also important for a pleasant riding experience.

Reviews & Recommendations

Take advantage of online resources, customer reviews, and recommendations to gain insights into the performance and reliability of different electric folding bicycle models. Look for feedback regarding battery life, motor performance, folding mechanism durability, and overall user satisfaction.

Test Ride & Purchase

Whenever possible, visit local bicycle shops to test ride your shortlisted electric folding bicycles. Testing different models will give you a firsthand experience of their comfort, handling, and overall ride quality.

Pay attention to details such as braking performance, responsiveness of the motor, and ease of folding. Once you have found the perfect match, make your purchase from a reputable retailer or manufacturer.

Examining the Drawbacks of Electric Folding Bicycle 

Before you make a purchase, it is essential to be aware of the disadvantages of buying electric folding bikes as well.

Here are a few downsides you must be aware of to make an informed decision:

Compact Design Limitations

While the folding feature of electric folding bicycles is undoubtedly a significant advantage, it also comes with certain limitations.

The compact design can result in reduced stability and maneuverability, particularly at higher speeds. The smaller wheel size and frame geometry can make these bikes feel less sturdy and less capable of handling rough terrains.

Additionally, the folding mechanism itself may introduce weak points in the frame structure, which could potentially affect durability over time.

Limited Range

The battery capacity and overall design constraints of folding bikes often result in a shorter distance that can be covered on a single charge compared to full-size electric bicycles.

While this may not be an issue for short commutes or casual rides, it can be limiting for longer journeys. Riders of folding e-bikes need to plan their trips carefully and consider the availability of charging stations or the need to carry spare batteries.

Reduced Power

Due to their compact size and lightweight design, electric folding bicycles typically have smaller and less powerful motors compared to full-size electric bikes. This can affect their performance as riders may experience slower acceleration and a lower top speed (compared to larger electric bikes) when tackling steep hills or when carrying heavy loads.


Electric folding bicycles tend to be more expensive than regular folding bicycles or non-electric options. The addition of a specialized folding mechanism increases the production cost, which is ultimately passed on to the consumer. Moreover, the cost of maintenance and repairs for electric components can be higher than traditional bicycles.

Best Electric Folding Bicycles in Australia

Australia offers a range of excellent electric folding bicycles that effectively address different limitations.

Among them, the Engwe Engine Pro model stands out for its ability to handle rough terrains, providing a smoother riding experience. Additionally, the Engwe C20 model caters to affordability, making it a more budget-friendly choice.

Let’s explore!

Engwe Engine Pro – Most Powerful!

The Engwe Engine Pro is a folding fat tire electric bicycle in Australia that combines power and convenience!

With its 750W motor and peak power output of 1000W, you can reach speeds of up to 25mph (40km/h). The bike offers a triple riding mode with a 5-level power assist. Meanwhile, 8-speed Shimano gear system, dual suspension and hydraulic disc brakes allow for a smooth and controlled ride.

One of the standout features of the Engwe Engine Pro is its impressive battery life. The removable 48V 16Ah battery provides a range of 75 miles (120km), enabling you to enjoy long rides without worrying about frequent recharging.

The Engwe Engine Pro is also equipped with convenient and safety-enhancing features. The backlit color LCD ensures clear visibility of essential information, while the built-in mobile phone charging port keeps your devices powered up while on the go. The sturdy rear rack provides space for carrying items, and the bright dual lights illuminate your path, enhancing visibility during nighttime rides.

Main Specifications

  • Motor: 750W
  • Speed: 25mph/40kph
  • Battery: 48V 16Ah (768Wh)
  • Range: 75 miles/120km

Engwe EP-2 Pro – Best Value!

The Engwe EP-2 Pro offers a compelling combination of power, versatility, and style! The bike’s 48V 13Ah battery is capable of delivering an impressive range of up to 75 miles (120km), ensuring extended journeys without the concern of running out of power.

Designed to tackle various terrains, this electric folding bicycle features a sturdy front suspension and 20×4.0″ fat tires, providing a smooth and comfortable ride regardless of the surface.

Noteworthy features of the Engwe EP-2 Pro include the Shimano 7S gears, which facilitate seamless and precise shifting for optimal performance. Furthermore, the backlit LCD panel provides clear visibility, keeping riders informed during their journeys.

In terms of aesthetics, this e-bike boasts a stylish and contemporary design, combining sleek lines with functional components. Its eye-catching appearance is matched by its impressive performance capabilities, making it an attractive choice for riders seeking both style and substance.

Main Specifications

  • Motor: 750W 
  • Speed: 25mph (40km/h)
  • Battery: 48V 13Ah (624Wh)
  • Range: Up to 75 miles (120km)

Engwe C20 Pro – Long Range

The Engwe C20 PRO is equipped with a powerful motor and a long-lasting lithium battery, providing exhilarating power and an impressive range. It features a 7-speed Shimano gear shift system for ultimate control, while the integrated tail light and front light enhance safety during nighttime rides.

Moreover, with its compact folding size and convenient features like a rear light, pedals with reflectors, and a comfortable saddle, the Engwe C20 Pro is a good choice for both urban and wild journeys. The C20 Pro is also one of the most stylish bikes out there.

Main Specifications

  • Motor: 250W 
  • Speed: 15.5mph (25km/h)
  • Battery: 36V 19.2Ah (691Wh)
  • Range: Up to 65 miles (105km)

Engwe C20 – Best Budget

The Engwe C20 is powered by a 250W Bafang motor. It ensures smooth cruising and the ability to conquer hills with a 20° gradient.

The 36V 10.4Ah detachable lithium-ion battery offers a remarkable maximum mileage of 80km per charge, providing ample range for city commutes. With its Shimano 7-speed drivetrain and three riding modes, riders have the flexibility to choose their preferred style of riding and adjust to various terrains.

Safety features such as the dual disc brake system and integrated front lamp further enhance the overall riding experience. Additionally, the Engwe C20 has a comfortable saddle, a front suspension fork for a smoother ride, and a generous payload capacity of 150kg.

Main Specifications

  • Motor: 250W 
  • Speed: 15.5mph (25km/h)
  • Battery: 36V 10.4Ah (374Wh)
  • Range: Up to 50 miles (80km)

Safety Tips for Riding Electric Folding Bicycle in Australia

Staying safe while riding electric folding bicycles should always be our top priority. To help you  in this endeavor, we’ll explore some crucial safety tips that will help guarantee a pleasant and secure riding experience.

  • Familiarize Yourself with the Bicycle

Before hopping on your electric folding bicycle, take the time to familiarize yourself with its features and operation. Read the user manual thoroughly and understand the specific functions of the electric motor, battery, braking system, and folding mechanisms. This knowledge will help you ride more confidently and respond effectively in different situations.

  • Be Cautious When Folding and Unfolding

Folding and unfolding the bicycle requires caution. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions precisely to prevent any accidents or injuries. Ensure that your fingers, clothing, or any other body parts are clear of the folding mechanisms to avoid pinching or getting caught.

Moreover, while folding or unfolding your electric bicycle, apply controlled force. Avoid using excessive strength or sudden movements that could potentially damage the folding mechanism or cause injury.

  • Stow Away Loose Parts

Some electric folding bicycles may have detachable parts for a more compact folding profile. Before hitting the road, make sure to securely stow away any loose parts as they can pose a safety hazard by getting entangled in the bike’s moving parts.

  • Wear Protective Gear

Always wear a well-fitted helmet to protect your head in case of a fall or collision. Additionally, consider wearing knee and elbow pads for added protection. Reflective clothing and accessories are also advisable, especially when riding at night, as they increase visibility to other road users.

  • Check the Bicycle Before Each Ride

Perform a quick safety check before every ride to ensure your electric folding bicycle is in proper working condition. Check the tire pressure and make sure they are inflated to the recommended level. Inspect the brakes to ensure they are functioning correctly and check that the folding mechanisms are securely locked in place. Also, verify that the lights and other safety features are working properly.

  • Keep the Battery Charged and Secure

The battery is the powerhouse of your electric folding bicycle. Regularly check the battery charge level and plan your rides accordingly to prevent running out of power mid-journey. Ensure that the battery is securely attached to the bicycle and properly fastened to avoid any instability while riding.

  • Observe Traffic Rules and Road Etiquette

As an electric folding bicycle rider, you share the road with other vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians. Observe traffic rules, signals, and signs, and ride in the same direction as the flow of traffic.

Be predictable by using hand signals to indicate your intentions, such as turning or stopping. Yield to pedestrians and give them the right of way when necessary.

  • Be Mindful of Speed

Electric folding bicycles offer the convenience of motorized assistance, but it’s crucial to be mindful of your speed. Keep in mind that higher speeds increase the braking distance, so allow yourself enough time to react and stop safely.

  • Maintain a Defensive Riding Approach

Be aware of your surroundings at all times and scan the road for any potential dangers, such as potholes, debris, or parked cars. Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and avoid blind spots. Stay focused and avoid distractions like using your phone while riding.

Maintenance Tips for Riding Electric Folding Bicycle

By following these maintenance tips, you can prolong the lifespan of your bike, improve its performance, and minimize the risk of unexpected issues.

  • Regular Cleaning: Use a mild detergent, warm water, and a soft cloth or sponge to clean the frame, wheels, and other components. Avoid using high-pressure water jets, as they can damage sensitive parts such as the electrical connections. After cleaning, make sure to dry your bike thoroughly to prevent rust formation.
  • Tire Inspection: Check your bike’s tires regularly for any signs of wear, cuts, or embedded objects. Under-inflated tires can make pedaling more difficult, while over-inflated tires may result in a harsher ride and increased risk of punctures. For optimal performance and grip, maintain proper tire pressure as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Brake Maintenance: Efficient brakes are crucial for your safety while riding. Inspect the brake pads for wear and replace them if they are excessively worn down. Ensure that the brake cables are properly tensioned, and adjust them if necessary. Test the brakes frequently to ensure they engage smoothly and provide adequate stopping power.
  • Battery Care: Avoid exposing the battery to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, as it can negatively impact its performance and longevity. If your battery is removable, store it in a cool, dry place when not in use. Additionally, charge your battery regularly to keep it within the recommended voltage range.
  • Chain Lubrication: Keeping your bike’s chain properly lubricated is essential for smooth shifting and efficient pedaling. Use a high-quality bicycle chain lubricant and apply it sparingly to the chain. Wipe off any excess lubricant to prevent dirt and debris buildup. Regularly clean the chain with a degreaser and a brush to remove accumulated grime. Remember to reapply lubricant after cleaning.
  • Folding Mechanism Maintenance: Regularly inspect the folding mechanism to ensure it operates smoothly and securely. Lubricate the folding joints and hinges periodically to prevent rust and ensure effortless folding and unfolding.
  • Frame and Component Check: Inspect the frame for cracks, dents, or any structural damage. Check the handlebars, stem, seat post, and pedals for stability and secure fastening. Pay particular attention to the frame joints, as they undergo stress during folding and unfolding. If you notice any issues, consult a professional for repairs or replacements.
  • Electrical System Check: Periodically inspect the wiring for any signs of damage or wear. Check the connectors to ensure they are secure and clean.

To Sum Up

Electric folding bicycles are revolutionizing the way we commute and explore. Whether you’re navigating bustling city streets or conquering rugged terrains, these foldable two-wheelers are your trusty companions. Remember to consider your specific requirements, such as range, motor power, folding mechanism, and design, when selecting an electric folding bicycle for your Australian adventures. After making a purchase, make it a habit to maintain your bike regularly. It will cost you some time but will reward you with countless miles of trouble-free rides!

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