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Global warming is all the rage nowadays. You hear it from people on television, your family, and friends. For some individuals, it has significantly impacted their lives, including their homes and work, in the last couple of years. Given that all of mankind is affected by this development, everyone should be concerned about it.

Even a tiny lifestyle modification helps prevent environmental disasters. Opting to use an electric bike is a great first step to protecting the planet.

In this article, we will highlight the environmental benefits of an eBike, including the best practices to make the most of the eBike’s contribution to environmental conservation.

Environmental Benefits of eBike

Researchers have spent years exploring the direct advantages of using electric vehicles for protecting the environment. In recent years, their research has focused on the impact of electric bikes on lowering carbon footprints, among other environmental issues.

According to a 2020 study from the Netherlands, using electric bikes contributes significantly to the country’s sustainable transportation shift. It found that individuals who own an eBike are more likely to use it than their car. This result was heavily influenced by the eBike owner’s age, urban density, and average trip distance.

The same study added that eBike use in the Netherlands can help the country achieve a net gain in its environmental sustainability efforts.

While the above study did mention the eco-conservation advantages of riding an eBike, how do they particularly help with such an effort?

Zero Emissions

The use of fossil fuels, and the emissions associated with their use, is one of the most significant contributors to climate change.

Due to the damage caused by its use in the past decades, there has been a strong emphasis on the adoption of electric vehicles to lower environmental damage. Since eBikes are zero-emission vehicles and very accessible to anyone, they present an opportunity for engaging everyone in protecting the planet.

eBikes even present a great chance to be eco-friendly when they are charged using renewable energy, like solar power. Additionally, choosing to charge it during off-peak hours also helps lessen the impact on the electricity grid.

Energy Use

Battery-powered bikes consume less energy compared to electric cars. Pedaling is a great way to conserve the environment while also improving your health.

An average electric bike consumes only 5 to 15 watt-hours of energy, as compared to about 400 watt-hours of energy used by electric vehicles.

For those wondering, “But doesn’t an electric bike battery also contribute to carbon emissions?”

The good news is that it only releases an estimated 21 grams of carbon dioxide per passenger kilometer traveled, according to the European Cyclists’ Federation. The carbon footprint of electric bikes was compared to that of other vehicles on the road in this study.

Reduced Air Pollution

Air pollution has been a long-standing issue. Several factors contribute to the growth of this issue, ranging from industrialization to the growing number of cars. And this pollution has significantly impacted human health due to increased respiratory problems and other health issues associated with poor air quality.

Given that most electric bikes are in cities, the advent of electric bikes offers great help in reducing air pollution and its impact on human health. Promoting the use of these bicycles can help address the growing air pollution problem in cities around the world.

Fewer Chances of Damaging Roads

Electric bikes are also a great solution to making roads last longer. eBikes are designed to be lightweight like the Engwe C20 electric bike with its aviation-grade aluminum frame. Due to this feature, roads are subjected to fewer potholes and other damage.

But how does it help with environmental conservation? 

With eBikes being on the lighter side compared to cars and motorcycles, it lessens the need for repairing roads. In turn, it requires less heavy equipment to fix roads, which results in reduced carbon emissions.

How to Optimize eBike Battery Use

Making the most of electric bikes also helps lessen one’s impact on the environment. It means you need to consider several factors impacting the ability of the electric bike battery to deliver its expected range.

Here are some ways to optimize the use of your electric bike’s battery:

Get a Suitable eBike

While most would go for the biggest and sturdiest frame and wheels, those features would be nothing if they did not fit the rider’s biking needs. For example, a mountain bike might have packed all the features, but if you only intend to use it for daily commutes, it would have been better to have bought a city bike.

For those wondering about the impact of the bike frame on overall battery use, a few hundred grams do not directly impact the total weight and the drag it creates. However, the weight of the eBike is still vital when the eBike will be regularly used to climb hills and navigate rough terrain.

Get an eBike with Electric Assist System Fitting Your Needs

Electric bikes come with two common kinds of motors: hub motors and mid-drive motors. The latter is the most preferred among the two. It is battery-efficient as it leverages the eBike’s gears, which allow it to work at an efficient range of speeds. 

However, mid-drive motors are significantly more expensive compared to hub motors. Its price is the reason more electric bikes are being fitted with hub motors. The Engwe EP-2 Pro eBike is one example of an electric bike with a hub motor, with its 750W brushless gear motor.

Get the Biggest Battery Capacity

How can a big battery help protect the environment? It means less time spent on charging and a lower frequency of having it plugged into a socket. It also helps on long trips because people will prefer to ride their electric bikes rather than drive their cars.


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Environmental conservation starts with a simple step, from switching to renewable energy to reducing trash. Every contribution, no matter how large or small, helps to protect the planet.

Choosing to ride an electric bike offers a great way to start living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Engwe has been working to make eBikes more accessible to people around the world. Every product in its portfolio offers bike components designed to be friendly to the environment.

Get one now and help preserve the planet for future generations! 

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