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Riding an electric bike is a great way to burn calories in order to lose weight. But most people are likely to be turned off as there is a misconception that it is ineffective in helping you be fit.

Are there any health benefits of using an eBike? Well, studies have shown how effective it is in keeping people of any age healthy. So, the next question would be, “How many calories will I burn while riding an eBike?”

In this article, we will explore whether using an electric bike is effective in burning calories. We will also lay out several suggestions to make eBike rides more worthwhile, in terms of calorie burning.

How Many Calories Will I Burn Riding an eBike?

Scientists have yet to arrive at a formula for calculating the number of calories you burn while on an electric bike. However, they do have an estimate on how many calories you can burn while riding an eBike.

The downside is that the number of calories you burn is not the same as when riding a traditional bicycle. Opting to travel using an eBike allows you to burn an estimated 300 calories per hour according to sports scientists. However, this number is still dependent on the intensity and speed of your pedaling.

On the other hand, when riding a bicycle, you can lose about 200 to 600 calories per hour. The higher number associated with traditional bicycles comes with the fact that they do not have motors and sensors to help propel the bike.

How to Maximize Calories Burned on an Electric Bike?

Pedal Harder

If you are among those who want to make the most out of the health benefits offered by an electric bike, it is best to pedal harder and faster to achieve an aerobic state.

But how do you know if you are already pedaling harder? It is usually characterized by heavy breathing, muscle strain, and being fatigued. At this point, you are already burning calories and just need to sustain the effort so you will not be exhausted more quickly.

Challenging your limits is one way to effectively see the results you set.

Adjust the Power Setting

Electric bikes are powered by a motor and battery. Riding at a faster speed is made possible by these components. While they do help you get from one place to another quicker, it is counterproductive if you plan to lose weight while riding an eBike.

However, you can adjust the power setting so you can burn more calories. You can do this by lowering the power level down and depending less on the throttle function if your electric bike comes with it. 

This advice works best for electric bikes with torque sensors. On speed sensors, lowering the power level will only act as a speed limiter.

Add Weight

Carrying additional items also helps to make the most when riding an electric bike. Adding weight is recommended, especially for those who own a lightweight eBike. 

Packing some additional pounds on the bike rack or front basket will require more effort when pedaling. In return, you work your muscles more and make your heart beat faster. If you plan to carry additional weight, the Engwe Engine Pro eBike has got a sturdy rack ready to take these items.

However, never be tempted to level up the power or use throttle mode as you will not reap any benefits from the additional weight. 

Challenge Yourself by Riding Uphills and Rocky Trails

Riding your electric bike to and from work or school is enough to burn calories.

But if you want to drop the most calories, challenging yourself to uphill climbs and rough trails is the answer. We recommend taking up steeper hills to make the most out of this challenge. With your motor working, uphill climbs are an easy feat. Before you know it, you are depending less on the motor and pedaling more.

For those planning to do more hills and challenging terrains, you need to take a look at the Engwe EP-2 Pro electric bike. This fat tire eBike is considered the ultimate electric mountain bike. It features a powerful 750W motor, perfect for city rides and uphill climbs. It also comes with a 48V 13Ah lithium battery, which helps achieve long rides and a quicker way to get healthy.

Can Riding an Electric Bike Help in Weight Loss?

Yes, several studies have proven how it helps individuals to lead a more active lifestyle.

How? Electric bikes make it easier for anyone to get into cycling. A 2019 study from Brigham Young University revealed that eBikes made it possible for physically unfit individuals to start mountain biking. Through the help of eBikes, participants of the study were able to achieve the same fitness status as experienced mountain bikers in the long run. 

In terms of weight loss, the same study disclosed eBike riders displayed an average heart rate of 94 percent, which is higher compared to when they ride a traditional bicycle. Their finding is supported by another research from Miami University. It concluded that riding an eBike allows riders to display cardiometabolic responses that were near the “modesty intensity” level.

Other Health Benefits of Using an eBike

Burning calories to lose weight is not the only health benefit of using an eBike. Here are other advantages that come with this exercise:

Improved Cardiovascular Health

You get moderate exercise if you ride your eBike. Pedaling the electric bike requires your heart to beat faster and stronger to keep pumping blood, which results in improved cardiovascular health. Continuing to ride your electric bike helps the heart to exert less effort when pumping blood. Additionally, you can achieve a lower resting heart rate with an eBike, which is a good indication of a strong heart.

Improved Immune System

Your immunity is as important as a strong heart. With a healthy immune system, you can easily ward off diseases. 

But how does riding an eBike help in boosting the immune system? A healthy body can deal with all disease-causing bacteria and viruses. It also helps in getting you back on your feet after battling with a sickness. A healthy person is usually impacted less by any illness due to their strong defenses.

Improved Metabolism

Weight loss is not possible if you do not have a great metabolism. The good thing is using an electric bike also aids in improving your metabolic process. Even a simple ride to do groceries helps in enhancing your metabolism.

The other advantage offered by riding an eBike is that you can keep the same metabolism level even after you stop exercising. It means you can still lose weight despite the lack of physical activity. However, this impact is not long-term.


Given that electric bikes are still a new concept for most people, it is not unsurprising that many think they function like a motorcycle. This misconception is what drives them to think that it does not help in burning calories.

However, studies have proven they significantly aid you to be healthy. All you need to do is to remain consistent and follow advice from experts to burn a significant amount of calories.

If you are in Australia and in the market for an electric bike, Engwe has a wide range of products for you. Every eBike we offer is designed to help keep you pedaling until you reach your health goals.

Pick one now and ride your way to burn those calories!

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