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An electric bicycle is unarguably the most versatile means of personal transportation. You can use it to commute to work, to ride on hills, to traverse beaten off-road paths, and even to stroll on the beach. Yes, you read that right. 

Electric bicycles offer the perfect means to explore the beach and look different while you are at it. In case you are not convinced, just read on. In this blog, we will discuss why you should consider buying an electric bicycle for the beach… and what things you need to consider when doing so. 

So, let us start.

Why Buy an Electric Bicycle for Beach

Well, there are many reasons… and here are some of them:

  • Eco-friendly: Electric bicycles do not release carbon emission so when you ride them to the beach, you help the planet.
  • Cost-effective: Electric bicycles are extremely affordable to buy when compared to other means of transportation or any other kind of motor vehicles.
  • Low maintenance: Electric bicycles are not just cheaper to buy, they are cheaper and easier to maintain as well. You just need to keep them clean… and to lubricate their drivetrain.
  • Portable: You can get foldable electric bicycles and take them in your car trunk to wherever you want. 
  • Stylish ride: Electric bicycles unarguably look cool. So you have a good time… and you turn all heads when you’re at it. 

How to Buy an Electric Bicycle for Beach

Buying an electric bicycle is a significant investment, so it is important that you make the right choice. Here are the key things that you should be looking for when buying an electric bicycle for beach riding.. 

Fat Tyres

The most important component to look for when buying an electric bicycle for beach riding. is the type of your tyre. Electric bicycles can have tyres of various widths, ranging from 1.25” to 5”. Fat tyres are tyres that have a width of 3”-5”. 

The reason these tyres are suitable for beach riding is because they have a larger contact surface area than the normal tyres. This means your weight is divided on a broader surface, which reduces the pressure. 

As a result, your tyres don’t sink inside the sand. Fat tyres do increase the resistance but that’s the cost you have to pay for looking different on the beach. 

As far as the tire width is considered, we would recommend you go for 20” wheels… as they provide the best of the both worlds. They are not too large to increase the size and weight of your bicycle too much… Neither are they too small to hamper your mobility and capability. 

Motor Power

Fat tyres increase the resistance due to their larger contact area so it’s only reasonable to believe that you will have to spend a lot more energy when pedaling these bicycles. The only way to avoid that is to have a larger motor that can effortlessly propel you on the beach.

There are two ways electric bicycles can power you. You can either use pedal-assist mode to get power alongside pedaling, or you can use throttle to ride without pedaling. So, having a more powerful motor means you can move on the beach with little effort.

Moreover, it also links with the weight on the bike. If you weigh more or if you want to carry picnic stuff with you on the beach, you need to have a more powerful motor.


Since you will be needing a bigger and powerful motor to move an electric bicycle for beach riding., you also need a battery that’s large enough to provide the needed electrical energy. The battery capacity is measured in Ampere hours (Ah)… and you might want to get a battery with more Ah so as to cover more distance on a single charge.

The range of your battery depends on a lot of factors but having a battery with more Ah will always let you have more fun on the beach. Also, if you don’t have a socket in your garage to charge your electric bicycle for beach riding., you might want to get an ebike with a removable battery. You can easily remove such a battery for charging it at any place you want.


Since you’ll not be alone on the beach, you need to ensure the safety of not just yourself, but also other people around you. The most important consideration in this regard is your brake system. You need a robust and reliable brake system that can stop you when you want, and where you want. 

Disc brakes are the way to go. Disc brakes can be of two types – mechanical disc and hydraulic disc. While both are fine for beach riding, hydraulic disc brakes are much superior. They are capable of all-weather braking and have a shorter stopping distance compared to the mechanical disc brakes.


If you want to have the most of your beach trips, you would want your adventures to continue irrespective of the time of the day. So, in order to do that, you need to have a bright headlight on the front. This ensures visibility after the sun has set. 

You also need to have a rear/ brake light to alert those behind you. Having turn indicators is a huge plus, as well.

Rear Rack

If you want to carry picnic gear on the beach with you, you need to have a sturdy rear rack as well. The rack must be able to hold a reasonable payload. In addition to that, if you have a front basket, that’s a huge plus.


If you live far away from the beach and need to transport your electric bicycle in your car, you might want to buy an ebike with a foldable frame. 

Folding ebikes are extremely portable. You can fold them within seconds to bring them into a carrying size and can throw them in your car trunk. When on the beach, you can unfold them to start riding.


Best Electric Bicycles for the Beach

Now that you know what to look for an electric bicycle for beach riding., let us present you with our top electric bicycle picks for beach riding!

Engwe Engine Pro 

  • Motor: 750W
  • Battery: 48V 16Ah
  • Tires: 20×4.0” 

The Engwe Engine Pro is a folding fat tire electric bicycle designed for beach riding. The Engine Pro has a 750W motor that peaks at 1000W so you can have a powerful and exciting ride on the beach… while carrying all your gear. 

And don’t worry, you have a lot of battery charge to keep your adventures exciting, as the Engine Pro comes with a large 16Ah Li-ion battery. As for the braking system, it features dual hydraulic brakes to ensure responsive braking.

The Engine Pro has an 8-speed Shimano transmission to ensure effortless paddling on the beach and a dual suspension system to keep your ride cushy and comfortable. The Engine Pro also comes with a number of convenience features as well. 

You have a color backlit LCD to monitor your speed, battery status, and more ride information while on the go… and a mobile phone charging port to keep your devices running. And yes, you also have a rear rack to carry your stuff… and dual lights for visibility during night rides.

Engwe M20

  • Motor: 750W
  • Battery: 48V 13Ah x 2
  • Tires: 20×4.0”

The Engwe M20 is a moped-style electric bicycle for the beach. The M20 is meant for those who want to undertake longer rides… thanks to its dual battery setup that lets you travel more than 100km without having to stop.

As for the motor, it features the same 750W (1000W peak) motor to power your beach rides. The M20 comes with a sleek LCD, a 7-speed transmission, dual suspension, and dual mechanical disc brakes. 

The most notable feature, however, is its large plush saddle that not only ensures utmost comfort… but also makes you look different on the beach. The M20 also has a moto-style dual headlight that adds to its formidable presence. All in all, it’s your ticket to a stylish beach ride! 

Final Words

Electric bicycles offer the perfect means to explore the beach and look different while you are at it. Buying an electric bicycle is a significant investment, so it is important that you make the right choice. We hope we were able to explain why you need to buy an electric bicycle for beach riding. and what factors you should consider when doing so. 

We hope you’re now in a better position to make your buying decision. In case you want to purchase any other electric bike other than the ones we mentioned above, you can check out our lineup. In case you’re a dealer or a publisher, we invite you to have a look at our Affiliate Program. It is free to join, and we offer a 5% commission on every sale made through your affiliate link. Happy riding!

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