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Electric cargo bikes are replacing a number of more expensive urban vehicles in many cities around the world. Just like any electric bike, cargo e-bikes are designed to navigate diverse terrains while carrying cargo in their welded racks. Most electric cargo bikes on the market let you carry a large amount of goods, ranging from heavy objects to grocery items. 

Compared to regular electric bikes, cargo e-bikes have more powerful electric motors, long-range batteries, robust frames, dependable gearing systems, reliable braking systems, and better safety features. In case you want to purchase an electric cargo bike in Australia, read on. From discussing their key features to the best examples in the market, we will try to cover everything in this blog.

What is an Electric Cargo Bike?

An electric cargo bike, also known as an e-cargo bike or an electric cargo bicycle, is designed for moving everyday cargo from A to B. To carry various types of baggage, these bikes feature sturdy frames and specialized cargo-carrying parts like racks and baskets on front or rear end. 

Due to their portability and convenience, electric cargo bikes are transforming the processes of shopping, transporting goods, and making deliveries. Cargo bikes ride quite much like ordinary bikes and offer the same benefits as you get with any other e-bike. Let us have a quick look at what they are.

Benefits of an Electric Cargo Bike

Electric cargo bikes are a popular choice for individuals, families, companies, and communities because of the large number of benefits they offer.


Electric cargo bikes have varying cargo capacity… and they are therefore extremely multipurpose. For instance, you can use them to move small size items, carry groceries, or transport children or pets. 

You can also use them as delivery vehicles. These bikes are making things easier for people as they can serve everyone from students to professional workers… without breaking the bank. 


The biggest benefit of electric cargo bikes is their space efficiency or portability. These bikes occupy less space… but can carry large weight, which makes them the best alternative to trucks and cars.

This is especially useful for people living in congested urban areas. Cargo electric bikes are easier to move from one place to another. They are also very convenient, when it comes to storage. Some cargo electric bikes, like the Engwe Engine Pro, have a foldable frame that makes their storage even more convenient. 


Cargo electric bikes can play a huge role in decreasing the traffic load in urban areas… all thanks to their compact size. Since these bikes are extremely agile, you can ride them in dense urban roads, narrow streets, and all those places which can be inaccessible for larger vehicles.


E-cargo bikes cannot just navigate through dense urban streets, but they can get you through hilly terrains. Many cargo electric bikes, like the Engwe Engine Pro, come with 4” fat tires that you can use on any kind of off-road area. In addition to rugged tracks and hills, you can also ride a bike with fat tires on sand and snow as these tires don’t sink in soft surfaces. 

Low Cost

Needless to say, cargo electric bikes are way, way cheaper than cars, trucks, and many other modes of transport. Starting from AUD 1300, these bikes are cost effective not just to buy, but also to operate and maintain. 

Considering that they don’t need fuel to run, they are the best replacement for gas guzzling vehicles, especially when gas prices are rising rapidly. Yes, they have electricity cost  (as electric cargo bikes work on rechargeable batteries), that cost is much less than what you’ll incur when covering the same distance on any other vehicle.


Another huge reason for choosing an electric cargo bike over other modes of transport is their crucial role in reducing carbon emission. Since these bikes don’t run on fossil fuels, they are eco-friendly with little to no carbon emissions.

What Features to Look For in Electric Cargo Bikes?

Now that you know what benefits you can get with an electric cargo bike, let us have a look at all key factors that you need to consider while making your purchase.

Cargo Capacity

The most important feature of electric cargo bikes is their cargo capacity. An e-cargo bike must have a large capacity to carry load along with ample space in the form of storage baskets or racks. 

While buying a cargo e-bike, you need to look for its maximum allowable weight. And keep in mind that this weight includes the total weight – of the goods, the rider, the bike, and any other attachments on the bike.


Electric cargo bikes must have dependable electric motors that can provide enough power to carry the loads you want to haul. No matter if you go for mid or hub motors, make sure the power output is reasonable for use. High-power electric motors also help with riding in hilly areas or in tackling steep roads.

Cargo electric bikes use lithium ion batteries because these batteries are light in weight and have a high energy density. As a thumb rule, go for as large of a battery as you can afford… because more power is consumed while carrying heavy loads. A larger battery will let you cover more distance on every charge.

Braking System 

When it comes to the safety features of electric cargo bikes, your braking system is the most important. It’s extremely important for your bike to have the capability to stop effectively while carrying heavy loads. 

While mechanical disc brakes are commonly used in a wide variety of electric cargo bikes, hydraulic disc brakes are a better option due to their excellent all-weather stopping power.


Depending on the size and style of the bike, 20-inch and 26-inch are two common tire sizes for cargo electric bikes. If you want more stability, grip, and shock absorption, then you should prefer wider, 4” fat tires. These tires also help when riding over uneven or rugged terrain. 

If you plan to buy a cargo electric bike for picnics and weekend getaways, you might want to consider a fat tire cargo electric bike, like the Engwe Engine Pro. These bikes can travel on sand, snow, hills, tracks, gravel… and pretty much any terrain you might want to explore. 


The frame of most electric cargo bikes on the market is made of aluminum alloy since it is lighter yet sturdier. As far as frame geometry is concerned, make sure to buy a bike that offers adjustable seat post and handlebar. 

Also, make sure that the bike comes with baskets and racks on front and rear, so that you don’t have to purchase them separately. 


Many accessories are frequently used with electric cargo bikes to improve their usability, comfort, and security. 

For instance, you need to have lights for riding the bike in the dark, fenders for mud protection, an LCD panel for monitoring your ride data – such as your battery status, current speed, distance covered, etc – and a locking mechanism.

What Size Electric Cargo Bike to Buy?

Electric cargo bikes are available in various sizes to suit every kind of user. If you will be transporting small items, you can even go for a mini electric cargo electric bike like the Engwe T14. This electric cargo bike is perfect for students and teenages who need a campus ride for hauling their things.

Otherwise, for practical purposes and hauling heavy gear, we would recommend the Engwe Engine Pro. It comes with a rear rack and has a load capacity of 330lbs. The Engine Pro features hydraulic brakes, a color LCD display, a powerful 750W motor, a large 48V 16Ah battery, and an 8-speed transmission. It also has 4” fat tires for multi-terrain riding and a folding frame for easy storage.

Final Words

Providing an efficient and green solution to your small-scale cargo hauling needs, electric cargo bikes can be a great buy. They are perfect for usage in densely populated towns. With their cargo compartments and robust frames, they can hold a variety of cargoes, from groceries to delivery items. More importantly, they encourage environmentally friendly living and provide a practical substitute for conventional cars for both private and business use. 

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