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Motor ebikes are rapidly becoming popular around the world. People are shifting to motor ebikes from cars to avoid traffic jams, to stay healthy, to help the environment, and to save money on fuel. 

While shifting to this mode of transportation or switching from a normal bike to an electric one, there are several things that you need to consider. In this blog, we will try to address all general queries or considerations that you might have regarding this mode of transportation. 

From discussing which type of motor electric bike should you get to what is the usual price of these bikes to how much they weigh to how long the battery lasts to how far it will get you, we will try to cover each and everything. So, let us get started.

Which type of motor ebike should you get?

A motor electric bike, or simply an electric bike, is a bike with a motor attached to assist its riders. The electric power assists with the pedal and lets you travel longer distances. When buying a motor electric bike, the first thing you should take into account is your usage. 

There are different types of motor ebikes present in the market ranging from urban ebikes, mountain ebikes, folding ebikes, cargo ebikes, fat-tire ebikes to commuter ebikes. There are also hybrid options available depending upon the usage of the rider. 

Urban ebikes

Urban ebikes as the name suggests are used for urban riding. They are best for people living in cities. They are designed with features such as comfortable seating to make the ride enjoyable, and are usually affordable. 

Mountain ebikes

Mountain ebikes also known as eMTBs have larger frames, suspension systems, and high-traction tires to aid in traveling on inclinations. If you like taking rides in the mountains, then this might be a suitable option for you. 

Folding ebikes 

Folding ebikes, like our C20 Pro, are compact, lightweight, and can be folded… so they can easily be transported. They are perfect for those who lack storage space, or those who have to take their ride to public transport.

Cargo ebikes

If you have to use your ebike for groceries or for carrying your family members, then a cargo bike would be a suitable choice. These bikes have storage racks and have a high payload capacity.

Fat-tyre ebikes

Fat-tyre ebikes, like our Engine Pro, are used where there are challenging and diverse terrains such as snow or beaches. These have wider 4” tires that can tackle any kind of rugged terrain. These motor ebikes can also be used in cities for a comfortable ride.

Commuter ebikes

Commuter ebikes are designed for long distance traveling. If you have to use your motor ebike for going to and coming from the office only, then we would suggest you go for a commuter bike. Also, there are various hybrid models present in the market. These hybrid models can be used for more than two purposes. 

How much do motor electric bikes weigh?

If you are talking about the weight of an ordinary bike, then normally, the lighter, the better as it is more convenient to handle and move. But motor ebikes are different, especially with the way they are built. 

The battery and the electric motor of motor electric bikes make them heavier compared to ordinary bikes. The heavier the motor, the more powerful it will be… and hence it will be able to maintain a higher speed. Likewise, having a larger battery means you get more energy for your trips. In simple words, reducing the weight may compromise the motor and battery’s size and capacity.

The weight of a conventional bike is usually around 20-25 kg. A motor ebike is definitely heavier than a normal bike… and its weight is in the range of 25-30 kgs. Many motor ebikes even exceed the weight of 30 kgs. 

The weight of a motor ebike also depends upon its type. A mini folding motor ebike weighs around 20-25 kg. Mountain ebikes are somewhat heavier… while fat tire bikes are commonly the heaviest as they have wider tires and sturdier frames. 

How long does the ebike battery last?

Motor ebikes are designed with a lithium-ion battery packed with 8–28Ah capacity, and with voltage usually ranging from 36–48V. The Ah stands for Amp hours. The greater the Ah capacity of a motor ebike, the greater the distance it can travel.

Range is one of the most important features you should consider when comparing different motor ebikes. The range of a motor electric bike is determined by how long you can ride on a single battery charge. A higher storage capacity of the battery will result in a longer range, making larger eBike batteries a favorable option for riders seeking extended rides. 

Typical bikes can cover a distance between 30 to 40 km per charge, but some high-end models can reach up to 75+ km. The range a motor ebike can exactly cover is dependent on many factors such as the rider’s weight, wind strength, wind direction, and inclination. 

Even the type of surface also plays a role in deciding the range a motor ebike covers. Another important factor is the power level you use – if you use a higher power level, the battery will get used fast and the bike will travel less distance than its claimed range.

What to consider before buying a motor ebike?

When buying a motor ebike, you first need to consider the powertrain. It includes the motor output (watts) and the battery capacity (Ah) of your bike. You might want to get an ebike that aligns with your use case. For instance, if you plan to use the bike in your neighborhood, you don’t need a very large battery. Likewise, if you will be riding in the city, you don’t need an overly powerful motor.

Next up, you need to look up for the components. Hydraulic brakes are preferable over mechanical ones as they ensure responsive all-weather stopping. Having suspension (single or front) totally depends on whether you’ll be using your bike off road. But we will recommend you to have at least a front suspension, as it makes your ride comfortable over city bumps and potholes. 

Moving on, if you plan to undertake high-speed riding, you need to consider an 8-speed transmission otherwise a 7-speed is fine too. You also need to check if the bike has accessories like lights, LCD, fenders, and racks, etc. The more accessories a motor electric bike offers, the better it is. 

Before buying a motor ebike, you should do a thorough survey of the market of all the styles available and which type of motor ebike suits you the most. Also, you should take into account your budget and align it with your use case. If you are buying a motor ebike for the first time, we would suggest you borrow from someone around and personally experience using it for a day or two… so that you may get the hang of it.

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