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Having an electric bike is fun, but having a powerful electric bike is even more fun. A powerful ebike can let you enjoy cruising speeds, climb hills, and tackle any type of terrain you want to traverse. 

But buying a powerful electric bike is more than just checking its motor output… you need to consider a lot of other factors as well. In this blog we’ll discuss just that. So, let’s get started on your ultimate guide to buying powerful electric bikes in Australia.

What Qualifies for a Powerful Electric Bike?

When it comes to power, there’s actually no top limit. 

Ebike manufacturers have been trying to outdo one another by unveiling more and more powerful ebikes. As of now, the record is held by Hi Power Cycles Revolution X9. It boasts a massive 9000W motor system and has a top speed above 100km/h. But do you actually want to buy such an ebike?

Well, for starters, the X9 has a starting tag of AUD 28,000 – which is enough to buy a brand new car. Secondly, such a kind of ebike will not be legal for use anywhere in the world. And why on earth would you ride this death machine that rides on pedals and crosses 100km/h?

Moving down the ladder, we have a lot of powerful electric bikes that give you the thrill you want without putting your life to risk. Before we discuss the best options in the Australian market, let us first discuss why you might want to consider such e-bikes and what factors you need to look for when buying them.

Why Buy Powerful Electric Bikes?

Here are some of the reasons you might want to buy a powerful electric bike.

High Speed

The biggest benefit of opting for a powerful electric bike is obviously speed. You can ride at cruising speeds, get to your destination faster, and simply have a great time riding around. 

The speed of an electric bike directly depends on its motor output, measured in watts. So, the more watts your motor has, the faster you’ll be able to go. 

Generally speaking, ebikes with 200-300W motors let you travel at around 25 km/h. On the other hand, powerful electric bikes with motors ranging from 500-750W let you travel at around 32-45 km/h. 

Hill Riding

Powerful electric bikes, as you can probably guess, feature powerful electric motors with more torque. Torque is what you need to climb hills or to accelerate from rest. So, an ebike with a  high-torque motor will effortlessly propel you on hills or steep roads. 

Now, you might want to put in some pedal effort as well, but in most cases, you won’t feel exhausted when riding on powerful electric bikes.

Compare that to regular ebikes, you will have to put in a lot of pedal effort to move up hills, which will burn you out pretty quickly. Not just that, riding hills on an ebike, which lacks sufficient power to tackle inclines, is also unsafe.


Now when we talk about off-roading, we are talking about all such areas where there’s no smooth road, or no road at all. 

It can be a gravel way, a rugged track, or any remote countryside path. Even if there’s no inclination, you need a lot of power for the frequent acceleration and deceleration that’s typical of riding on such paths.

A powerful electric bike won’t get stuck in any tricky place, and you’ll be able to off-road in a hassle free manner. Alternatively, with a regular bike, you might need to exert a lot of effort from your side to overcome obstacles.

How to Buy Powerful Electric Bikes?

Buying an electric bike is a significant investment so it’s important you carefully make your decision. Buying a powerful electric bike doesn’t just involve you checking its motor output, you need to consider a lot of other factors as well. Let’s briefly discuss them here.

Motor Output

Motor output is the single, biggest determinant of whether an ebike would be powerful or not. There are two key figures that you need to check when it comes to motor power – watts (W) and newton meters (Nm). Watts determine motor power, while newton meters determine torque output aka the hill climbing ability.

Within watts, there are two further types of figures that you need to carefully distinguish – the nominal and peak watts. Nominal output means the continuous rate of power your motor supplies, while the peak output is more like a temporary burst. Peak output is always more than nominal output.

Some manufacturers try to deceive you by mixing these two figures… so be careful while considering it.

Battery Capacity

The motor output alone is not sufficient to ensure a powerful ride… until and unless you have a substantial battery capacity to back all that performance. The battery is what provides the charge or the energy for your motor to operate.

So, in case of a smaller battery capacity, you will not only experience less power, but you also won’t be able to ride for a longer period of time. Battery capacity is measured in ampere-hours (Ah) and watt-hours (Wh). They both are slightly different, but in either case, the more of these figures you have, the larger your capacity is.


A powerful electric bike is meant for rugged use, like hill climbing or traversing rugged terrains. So, it makes sense that you have a heavy-duty frame to handle all those stresses and shocks that come with such a type of riding.

As of now, there are three frame options available on the market – steel, aluminum, carbon. Steel frames are outdated, heavier, and prone to corrosion. Carbon frames are expensive, less flexible, and not suitable for sustaining impacts. So, that leaves aluminum alloy as the most desirable material for powerful electric bikes.

Aluminum frames are not only lightweight, but they are also resistant to rust and corrosion. They can also sustain dynamic impacts that you usually sustain in off-road riding.


In order to remain safe while riding at high speed on powerful electric bikes, you need to have a reliable braking system as well. As of now, there are two common braking systems available on the market – mechanical and hydraulic.

Hydraulic brakes are far superior than mechanical brakes. They can offer all-weather stopping ability, even at cruising speeds. They also have a shorter braking distance compared to that of mechanical disc brakes. As for brake rotor size, the bigger it is, the better it will be.


Most electric bikes on the market come with a 7-speed transmission system. Now this system is adequate for low speed city riding… but not for high speed cruising. The reason is, a 7-speed gear system is prone to ghost riding at higher speeds, no matter how good a brand it is from.

If you’re planning to buy a powerful electric bike for adventure riding, we would recommend you go for an 8-speed transmission. The more gears you have, the more speed you’ll be able to sustain.

Other Components

In addition to the above mentioned components, you also need to have at least a single suspension to tackle different kinds of obstacles in your way… and to have a smooth ride. Having dual suspension is even more preferable, and in fact, highly recommended if you plan to explore trails and tracks.

You also need to have front and rear light for safety in the dark, rear rack for hauling cargo on your trips, fenders for mud protection, and an LCD display for monitoring your ride metrics. The more accessories an ebike has, the better it is.

What About Ebike Power Regulations?

While buying a powerful electric bike, you must also keep in mind the ebike regulations in your state. Generally speaking, ebikes with more than 250W of power are not allowed on public roads in Australia. So for ebikes that exceed this power limit, you either have to use them on private areas or you have to get a license for operating them on public roads.

Best Powerful Electric Bikes in Australia

Engwe Engine Pro 

  • Motor Output (Nominal): 750W
  • Motor Output (Peak): 1000W
  • Battery Capacity: 48V 16Ah

The Engwe Engine Pro features a dual suspension system, dual hydraulic brakes, backlit LCD, 4” fat tires, and a folding frame for easy storage and transportation. It also has an 8-speed Shimano transmission and plenty of accessories to elevate your experience.

Engwe M20

  • Motor Output (Nominal): 750W
  • Motor Output (Peak): 1000W
  • Battery Capacity: 48V 13Ah x 2

The Engwe M20 is a moped-style electric bike that offers high performance. It comes with excellent features including a powerful motor, dual suspension, a large plush saddle, to name a few. The M20 also has a dual battery setup to increase your range to up to 150km. 

Final Words

A powerful electric bike lets you enjoy cruising speeds, climb hills, and tackle any type of terrain you want to traverse. We tried to provide you with all the info that you need to buy the right powerful ebike for you… and we hope that it was an informative read. In case you’re a dealer or a publisher, we invite you to have a look at our Affiliate Program. It is free to join, and we offer a 5% commission on every sale made through your affiliate link. If you have a question, please feel free to ask! Happy riding!

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