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Do you want to cover long distances on your electric bike? Don’t worry, long range electric bikes have got you covered. 

Whether you are looking for a comfortable ride that can help you cover long distances or riding adventures on weekends, long range e-bikes are a perfect choice for you! These bikes are popular among riders as they can cover long distances in a single charge. 

If you are excited to know more about long range electric bikes, then keep reading. In this blog, we will cover everything from the benefits of long range e-bikes to the factors that impact their range… and more!

What is a Long Range Electric Bike? 

You must be wondering what is a long range electric bike exactly and how is it different from the regular bikes. 

Typically, long range bikes feature an electric motor and a larger battery due to their large range. A large battery means more range, which in turn means that you can run your bike for an extended time period on a single charge. These bikes can easily cover 60 to 100 km which makes them the perfect option for longer commutes. 

If you constantly worry about charging your electric bikes and have to stop in between to recharge your battery, you don’t have to do that anymore with these electric bikes. 

The average time it takes to recharge the battery of long range electric bikes varies according to its capacity and charging requirements. Typically, it takes about 4 to 6 hours to recharge your battery. However, some models may offer faster recharging features which may reduce this time. 

Factors That Impact the Range of Electric Bike 

Several factors come into play and influence the range of electric bikes. Some of the key factors that play an important role are discussed below: 

  1. Battery Capacity 

One of the most important factors that impacts the battery range has to be its capacity. The numbers you see in Watts-hours define the energy that your battery can store. If you have a larger battery capacity, it will have a larger range. When you invest in a long range electric bike, it means you are also investing in a larger-capacity battery. However, before taking the final plunge, make sure you cross check the figures. 

  1. Motor Efficiency

The efficiency of the motor also counts when you are determining the range of your electric bikes and how long it will go. If your motor is more efficient in converting the electrical energy into mechanical energy, it will consume less energy and contribute to a larger range. Some good examples of efficient motors include brushless hub motors and mid-drive motors. 

  1. Rider’s Input  

Since long range electric bikes still require rider’s input, long range electric bikes also depend on the manual input that the rider puts in. If the rider puts in greater assistance, lesser energy is consumed. As a result, actively pedaling can also help to optimize the efficiency of your electric bike, thereby increasing its range.

  1. Terrain 

Riding on challenging terrains like hilly areas or against strong winds can largely reduce your electric bike’s range, since it demands more power to maintain speed and travel uphill. Therefore, terrain also plays a big role in impacting the battery’s range. 

  1. Other Factors 

In addition to that, the presence of gears can also impact your energy efficiency. The more gears you have, the more efficient your ride will be… and the longer you would be able to go per charge. Likewise, the wind can also impact range due to drag resistance. 

More importantly, the weight of the bike as well as the rider can also impact your range. As a thumb rule, the more weight you have, the less range you’ll get,

Benefits of Using a Long Range Electric Bike 

Here are some of the perks of using long range electric bikes in detail. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  1. Long Commute Range 

Say goodbye to the constant fear of your battery dying out in the middle of the ride or constant anxiety of not being able to make it on time. Long range e-bikes are especially designed to keep all these concerns in mind. They are thoughtfully designed to support your long commute journeys. 

You can cross over 60 to 100 km, depending on the range of your electric bike without worrying about recharging your battery or stopping in between. 

  1. No Sweat Factor 

Whether it is your meeting or class, you don’t have to worry about arriving at your destination, drenched in sweat. Long range electric bikes allow you to have a comfortable ride. You can now reach your destination without breaking a sweat, particularly if you live in a warmer region! 

  1. Versatile Ride 

Long range electric bikes are highly versatile as they come with customizable assistance options. They allow you to switch to manual cycling mode. So if you want to use your muscles power and have a little workout session, you can turn off the electric mode and pedal without any motor assistance.

Moreover, in case your battery runs out in the middle of your journey, you can again rely on manual pedaling. You can easily switch between electric assistance and manual pedaling as per your requirements. 

  1. Legal to Use

In Australia and other countries like the UK, long range electric bikes are legal on all the bike routes and public roads. 

However, it is noteworthy to mention that you still need to comply with the standard legal regulations. You need to make sure that you don’t use your long range electric bikes in restricted areas or cross the maximum power output limit of 250W or maximum speed range of 25 kilometers per hour. 

If you take care of these regulations, these bikes are legal to use anywhere in Australia. However, it is always a good idea to keep yourself updated about the latest changes in local or national regulations regarding electric bikes to stay safe. 

  1. Suitable for Difficult Terrain 

One of the best advantages of long range electric bikes is, they can easily tackle difficult terrains like rough surfaces, muddy areas, sandy beaches or hilly areas. 

These e-bikes come with a robust electric motor which provides extra power, making inclines and rough pathways easy to cover.  Due to more power output, less human effort is required. However, it is important to note that the range of your battery might be influenced if you are traveling more on the challenging terrains as it requires more power.

Best Long Range Electric Bikes

You might be wondering what are some of the best options for long range electric bikes. Well, we have handpicked the top three long range electric bikes and discussed them in detail below. So let’s take a quick look: 

  1. ENGWE M20 – 75km + 75km

With its robust suspension and fat tyres, the Engwe M20 is a powerhouse that can handle any type of terrain. It has two batteries for a longer range and many wonderful features. The M20 helps you climb any hard incline with comfort. With its 1.25kW twin battery system and 750W motor, it’s the best ride on any terrain. 

The electric bike also comes with a backup battery that enhances the riding distance for longer trips, while the 48V 13Ah basic battery offers an amazing 75km of range. With the help of a double suspension system, a comfortable saddle, along with some chunky tires, you can enjoy your commute and hit the road without any worry! 

  1. ENGWE ENGINE PRO – 120km

The Engwe Engine Pro’s strong 750W motor makes it the perfect for conquering hills and difficult terrain. In addition to many other features, it has a hydraulic braking system and a dual suspension system. It also features a backlit color LCD! 

A 48V 16Ah Lithium battery powers the powerful 750W brushless hub motor, enabling an astounding maximum range of 120 kilometers. The thick tyres assist you in navigating rough or snowy routes. On the other hand, the double suspension cushions effects from tough territory. To improve cyclist’s safety, the hydraulic disc brakes provide dependable and steady power output in any type of weather.

  1. ENGWE T14 – 80km

A robust quad suspension, rear seat along with powerful drivetrain, and premium parts make the Engwe T14 the best-equipped long range electric bike for the money. You can go anywhere you want with the 48V 10Ah Lithium battery’s enhanced range…. And can cover distances up to 80 km on just one charge. 

In any kind of climatic condition, the mechanical disc brakes on the front and rear wheels provide the most stopping force. The bike also features a quadruple suspension system that improves economy and riding pleasure by making your journey smooth even on rough pathways! 

Final Thoughts 

In a nutshell, long range electric bikes are well-suited for extended commutes and recreational rides. You can now cover miles on a single charge with these bikes… without breaking a sweat. 

Long range electric bikes are also perfect to explore far flung areas and remote trails. They are undoubtedly one of the best commute investments you can make to have a comfortable and convenient ride, without having to constantly worry about your battery life or challenging terrain. 

With that said, we will end this guide. We hope you enjoyed it. Happy riding!

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