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The use of electric bikes is on the rise. It is because they are an enjoyable mode of transportation and they also benefit the environment. But what happens if you need to combine an e-bike with other forms of transportation or don’t have enough room to keep a regular-sized one? That’s where fold-up electric bikes come in!

Fold-up electric bikes are e-bikes that are easy to fold up and open. These bikes are great for tourists, workers, and anyone else who needs a ride they can take with them anywhere. But that’s not all. In this article, we will discuss various reasons why you should buy fold-up electric bikes in Australia.

Why Buy a Fold-Up Electric Bikes in Australia?

Riding an electric bike is already pretty awesome, but traveling around on one that conveniently folds takes the excitement to a whole new level. Here’s why:

Compact Storage

Fold-up electric bikes offer a space-saving solution, allowing you to fold them into a compact package conveniently. This makes it easy to store in small places like car trunks, closets, under tables, and so on. This is especially helpful for people who live in apartments, work in offices, or have few parking choices.


The lightweight design of fold-up electric bikes makes them easily transportable and ideal for commuting on public transportation like buses, trains, and boats. Some models are designed to fit into standard-sized carry-on bags, offering the flexibility to take them on trains, ultimately saving time and money on parking fees while providing a scenic journey.


Fold-up electric bikes offer adaptability with adjustable seat height, arm angle, and wheel size. This versatility allows them to navigate various surfaces and conditions, catering to different preferences and purposes, whether for transportation, recreation, exercise, or adventure. The option to switch between pedal aid and power modes adds further flexibility to control your level of effort.


In addition to being cost-effective to purchase, fold-up electric bikes contribute to long-term savings. They reduce expenses related to gas, repairs, and registration. Their efficient and agile design extends battery life and minimizes power consumption. Furthermore, regular use promotes health and fitness, potentially saving money on future medical bills.

Eco-Friendly Commuting

In Australia, where sustainability is a priority, fold-up electric bikes align with the environmentally conscious trend. These bikes offer a green and speedy commuting option, supporting the country’s commitment to reducing carbon footprints. By producing no pollution and covering significant distances on a single charge, fold-up electric bikes contribute to eco-friendly commuting, gaining popularity as awareness of environmental impact grows nationwide.


Planning a road trip with the family? Say welcome to your new travel companion—the fold-up e-bike. It effortlessly folds up, making it a breeze to pack in the car with all your other essentials. It’s like bringing your bike along for a holiday ride! Even that’s not all… Dreaming of biking to work? With a fold-up electric bike, you’ve got the freedom to store it right by your desk or in a corner—literally, it’s like having a bike that’s up for anything!

How to Choose a Fold-Up Electric Bikes in Australia?

If you are planning to buy an electric fold-up bike in Australia, here is a guideline of what to consider:

Measurements and Weight

Finding the right fit for your electric fold-up bike matters. Consider how easily you can move it around. Some people say that bigger, heavier bikes are more safe and easy to ride, even though smaller, lighter bikes may be easier to store and handle. 

There are some pros and cons, so think about where you’ll store and move it. Remember to check the bike’s folded size to make sure it fits in the space you have available.

The Motor and Battery

The heart and soul of a fold-up electric bike lie in its battery and motor. If you crave speed, range, and power, you’ll want ample battery space and motor speed that suits your riding style. More power often means more speed and range; this product is associated with a higher cost and weight. 

On the flip side, lower power equals slower speeds and shorter range, but it’s generally more budget-friendly and easier to handle. Be sure to delve into the bike’s warranty, battery type, and charge time to ensure they align with your needs.

Features and Extras

Elevate your riding experience with nifty features and accessories. Gears, brakes, stability, display, lights, horn, basket, rack, guards—these can make your bike more functional and user-friendly. Quality matters here; make sure the features are durable, compatible with other components, and easy to clean.

Best Fold-Up Electric Bikes in Australia

Engwe Engine Pro

  • Motor: 750W
  • Speed: 40km/h
  • Battery: 48V 16Ah
  • Range: Up to 120km
  • Load Capacity: 150kg
  • Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy

The Engwe Engine Pro is a foldable electric bike with a potent 750W motor (peaking at 1000W), achieving speeds up to 25 mph (40km/h) and effortlessly conquering various terrains. This fat tire e-bike is designed for comfort and power, featuring a 5-level power assist system, 8-speed Shimano gear setup, dual suspension, and hydraulic disc brakes for a smooth and controlled ride. 

Crafted with an aluminum alloy frame, it supports a load capacity of 150kg. The Engine Pro boasts a detachable 48V 16Ah Lithium battery, offering an impressive 75-mile (120km) range, complemented by features like a backlit LCD display, phone charging port, rear rack, spokeless cast rims, and dual lights for safety during night rides.

Engwe EP-2 Pro

  • Motor: 750W
  • Speed: 40km/h
  • Battery: 48V 13Ah 
  • Range: Up to 120km
  • Load Capacity: 150kg
  • Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy

The Engwe EP-2 Pro is a sleek electric bike that harmoniously combines style and performance. Featuring a powerful 750W motor and a reliable 48V 13Ah battery, this bike provides a worry-free ride with an impressive range of up to 75 miles (120km). Designed to tackle various terrains, it boasts sturdy front suspension and wide 20×4.0″ fat tires for a smooth journey on any surface.

The Shimano 7S gears ensure easy shifting, while the backlit LCD panel keeps you informed and enhances safety during your rides. Additional features include a robust rear rack, spokeless cast rims, and dual lights for increased visibility during nighttime adventures. The Engwe EP-2 Pro is not just a bike; it’s a perfect fusion of style and substance, catering to riders who seek the best of both worlds.

Engwe C20 Pro

  • Motor: 250W
  • Speed: 25km/h
  • Battery: 36V 19.2Ah 
  • Range: Up to 105km
  • Load Capacity: 150kg
  • Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy

The Engwe C20 Pro stands out with its impressive power and remarkable range, all offered at a budget-friendly price. Featuring a 250W motor and a substantial 36V 19.2Ah lithium battery, this electric bike boasts an extended range of over 100km. Its 7-speed Shimano gear shift system ensures precise control, while dual lights enhance safety during nighttime journeys.

Beyond its performance, the Engwe C20 Pro prioritizes convenience. With a compact folding size and an ultra-lightweight frame crafted from aviation-grade aluminum alloy, it’s effortlessly maneuverable. Despite its sleek design, the C20 Pro supports a hefty 150kg payload, accommodating riders of varying sizes with ease. This electric bike seamlessly combines power, convenience, and versatility for an enriching riding experience.

Engwe C20

  • Motor: 250W
  • Speed: 25km/h
  • Battery: 36V 10.4Ah 
  • Range: Up to 80km
  • Load Capacity: 150kg
  • Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy

The Engwe C20 offers an affordable yet uncompromising electric biking experience. Fueled by a robust 250W Bafang motor, it ensures smooth cruising on flat roads and conquers inclines up to 20° with ease. The detachable 36V 10.4Ah lithium-ion battery provides an impressive 80 km range per charge. Riders can tailor their experience with the Shimano 7-speed drivetrain and three riding modes, adapting to various terrains.

Safety is paramount, featuring a dual disc brake system and an integrated front lamp for an enhanced riding experience. Comfort is not overlooked, with a cozy saddle and front suspension fork ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride. Despite its lightweight weight of 24kg, the C20 boasts a generous 150kg payload capacity.

Final Words

If you want an easy, green, and fun way to get around, you should definitely consider buying a fold-up electric bike. These e-bikes save room, give you a lot of options, and they’re not too expensive either. They come in a wide range of sizes, weights, battery capacities, motor powers, features, and extras. 

In case you are thinking of switching your car with an electric bike, don’t forget to explore our fold-up electric bike lineup. We offer a range of options for all kinds of riders. Our e-bikes are hailed among the most reliable and dependable two wheelers in the personal micro-mobility industry. They offer top-end features with stellar looks… and plenty of fun! 

With that said, we end this guide. We hope it was an informative read for you. Happy riding!

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