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A bike phone holder is the perfect gadget to mount your phone on your bike. It makes sure you can check and even use your phone without taking your eyes off the road, significantly enhancing your ride experience.

In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about a bike phone holder… including its benefits and its key features that you need to look for when buying one for yourself. So, let us begin. 

What is a Bike Phone Holder? 

A bike phone holder, as the name suggests, is a kind of holding device that you can mount on the handlebar of your bike. You can then mount your smartphone in the phone holder to carry it securely with you as you move around.

The bike phone holder not just securely holds your phone, but it does that in a way that you can easily see and even operate it during your ride. Since your phone is in your line of sight, you don’t need to take your eyes off the road while checking your important notifications or doing anything else on your phone.

Being attached to the handlebar, your phone is always in your reach and you have a safe and convenient experience… no matter if you’re riding through a bumpy road or cruising at a high speed.

Benefits of Using a Bike Phone Holder 

Using a bike phone holder comes with a variety of benefits, which makes it an excellent and essential accessory for cyclists. Some of these benefits include.

Ride Integration

The single and most important benefit of using a bike phone holder is that it lets you seamlessly integrate your smartphone with your ride to enhance your riding experience. 

Ebikes come with an LCD display that you can use to monitor various ride metrics like speed, battery, distance, assist mode, etc. However, some ebikes take things further and offer app-sync functionality. It means you can connect their display unit with your phone and monitor all these metrics on your phone.

In addition to that, you can have access to various advanced features as well. So, a bike phone holder lets you use your phone safely and conveniently.


Even if you don’t integrate your phone with your ride, you can still have a really, really convenient experience if you use a bike phone holder. By making sure your phone is visible to you throughout the ride, you can seamlessly monitor your incoming calls, messages, and notifications without having to take your eyes off the road.

Phone Security

A bike phone holder also ensures your phone security by firmly mounting it on your handlebar. It means you don’t have to carry your phone in your pockets or at other such places where there’s a risk of it falling out. By firmly securing your phone, a bike phone holder allows you to explore any bumpy or off-road terrain with ease and peace of mind.

Navigate Easily

If you are someone who likes to explore new trails and paths, a bike phone holder can make all the difference for you. By having your phone right in front of you at all times, you can easily use navigation and maps to get to wherever you want. This can be especially important for those who are always exploring new trails on their offroaders.

Key Features of Bike Phone Holders 

Let’s now take a closer look at what features of a bike phone holder you need to look for when buying one. 


A bike phone holder should be easy to install and remove from the handlebar of your bike. Most phone holders can be installed easily within minutes, without having you to use any special tool. 

You also need to check that your phone is compatible with the bike phone holder you’re buying. So, make sure the dimensions of the holder are in accordance with your phone dimensions. In addition to that, the phone holder also needs to be compatible with your bike.

It is always a good idea to measure your handlebar diameter, and to make sure the holder is compatible with it. While doing so, make sure to measure the specific area of the handlebar where you plan to install the phone holder.

Secure Attachment 

This is obvious. You need to make sure the bike phone holder has a secure attachment mechanism for holding your phone. Different bike phone holders feature different holding methods. While some attach your phone using a strap, others use a twist-lock or a magnet. 

Secure attachment becomes all the more important when you buy it for an off-roading ebike like the Engwe Engine Pro for outdoor riding.


Some bike phone holders offer adjustable positions and angles to accommodate different phone sizes and viewing preferences. This makes sure your phone is placed before you in the most convenient position, minimizing all sorts of distractions.


Another important feature to consider is the durability of your bike phone holder. Make sure that it is made up of a sturdy material like aluminum so that it can withstand frequent usage, off-road riding, and extreme weather conditions. 

Shock Absorption

Many bike phone holders come with shock absorption features or any mechanism to minimize the impact of shocks and vibration in your way. This helps protect your phone from any kind of damage caused by riding on a rough trail. 

Water Resistance

Some bike phone holders offer additional specs like water-proofing. This protects your phone from any damage caused by rain or moisture. This is important when your phone does not have adequate water resistance.

Engwe Bike Phone Holder

If you are planning to buy a bike phone holder for your bike, you can consider an Engwe bike phone holder

This bike phone holder is made of aluminum to ensure sturdiness, durability, and longevity. No matter how rough your adventures are, this phone holder will be your most reliable partner. Moreover, it is resilient to weather elements as well, so it won’t rust or corrode when exposed to rain or moisture.

Engwe’s phone holder has an adjustable design that allows it to hold phones and gadgets of different sizes. Moreover, it is angle adjustable as well, which allows you to have a perfect viewing angle as you venture on or off the road without any distraction.

Moving on, the holder ensures a secure attachment with its precision engineered clamp to give you utmost peace of mind. And for its price, the holder is available for just AUD 35. Considering Engwe’s reputation as a reliable brand, this gadget is worth every cent you pay for it!

Key Features

  • Budget friendly price tag of just AUD 35
  • Made of aluminum to ensure durability and longevity
  • Resilient to weather elements, rust and corrosion
  • Adjustable design to hold phones and gadgets of different sizes
  • Angle adjustable for a perfect viewing angle
  • Secure attachment for utmost peace of mind

In case you want to buy this bike phone holder, you can do that here.

Final Words

A bike phone holder is the perfect gadget to securely mount your phone on the handlebar of your bike. It makes sure your phone is visible to you throughout the ride, allowing you to seamlessly monitor your incoming calls, messages, and notifications… and use navigation without you having to take your eyes off the road.

In this blog, we tried to briefly discuss everything you need to know about a bike phone holder. We also tried to cover all the key factors that you need to consider when buying a good bike phone holder for your bike. We hope we were able to answer all your queries related to a bike phone holder… but still if you have any questions, you can contact us. 

In case you want to purchase an electric bike, you can check out our lineup. We hope it was an informative read. Happy riding!

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