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Fat e-bikes are becoming popular around the world for both commuting and adventure purposes. 

A fat e-bike is distinct for its large volume tires that give it a huge edge over normal e-bikes, increasing its stability, traction, comfort, and safety. But even that’s not all. In this blog, we will be discussing in depth why you should consider riding a fat e-bike.

What is a Fat E-Bike?

A fat e-bike, as the name suggests, is an electric bike with tires bigger and frames thicker than the normal e-bike. It typically has a sturdy frame and fork, as well as a wide range of gears. 

While normal e-bikes have tires of widths not more than two and a half inches, the fat tire e-bikes have tires around three and a half inches to five inches. 

Why Buy a Fat E-Bike?

Let’s now explore what advantages fat e-bikes have over normal e-bikes.


The wider and flatter fat tires provide a larger contact patch with the ground, increasing bike stability. The larger contact patch also helps to distribute weight and pressure more evenly across the tire, which also helps in gaining more balance. Therefore, riders can ride on difficult terrains without the bike sliding. 

Fat e-bikes are suitable for off-road adventures… and for riding on mountainous and difficult terrain. These bikes are also suitable for riding on uneven surfaces such as mud, snow, sand, and gravel… as the fat tires provide riders with a comfortable ride on any kind of surface.


Fat tires are designed to handle a variable range of conditions such as snowy and icy conditions to hot and dry weather. They can also handle a wide range of terrains, such as loose gravel, mud, snow, and sand. This makes a fat e-bike extremely versatile.

Improved Traction

The wider tires of a fat e-bike allow for an increased grip of the bike on the road. Better traction reduces the risk of slipping and sliding on slippery surfaces. This is extremely beneficial in wet and snowy conditions.

Shock Absorption

Fat tires have large size and hence lower tire pressure, which helps them absorb shocks from bumps and rough terrain. 

Moreover, the increased volume of the tires also enables them to conform to the shape of the terrain, which makes it easy for the rider to have a comfortable ride over all kinds of obstacles. Fat e-bikes absorb vibrations and shocks more effectively than any other e-bike, which ensures a smoother ride.  

Explore Remote Areas

As fat e-bikes can be ridden on beaches, snow-covered paths, and rocky terrain, they enable travelers to explore areas that are inaccessible to standard bikes. Many riders have reported that using a fat e-bike has maximized their opportunities for outdoor adventures and exploration.

Improved Safety

The fat tire results in added stability because of a wider contact patch as mentioned earlier as well. This also contributes to increased safety for riders. The wider tire profile of fat e-bike results in enhanced stability and a lower center of gravity of the bike. It is particularly useful for new riders. So if you’re a beginner, a fat e-bike is the best option for you! 

Enhanced Fitness 

The bigger tires and thicker frame of a fat e-bike often require more effort due to the increased resistance from the wider tires. Therefore, if you’re trying to lose weight, this type of e-bike is more suitable for you as it results in providing a more challenging workout that can enhance cardiovascular fitness and strength.

Fun and Adventurous

If you’re an adventure-loving person then a fat e-bike is a definite yes for you. Many riders find fat e-bikes more fun to ride as compared to standard bikes. They have features of unique handling characteristics and the ability to conquer challenging terrain. This adds an element of adventure to cycling.

Mountain E-Bike vs Fat E-Bike

Since a fat e-bike can be used on mountainous terrains as well… we must also discuss a brief comparison of both the e-bikes so that readers can easily decide which one they should buy.

Tyre Width

The biggest difference between a mountain e-bike and a fat e-bike is that of tire width. A regular eMTB has a tire width within the range of around 2.25” which is not that big. On the contrary, fat wheel bikes have a tire width around 4” and in some cases even greater than that.

Rim Size

It isn’t just the width that differs in both the bikes but there is a significant difference in the rim size. A much wider tire on the fat e-bike needs a different size of the rim when compared with regular eMTBs.

The rim size on a fat wheel bike is usually 55mm. Many manufacturers usually use a rim size of 65mm. This is hugely different from the rims on regular mountain bike tires, which are 30mm wide.

Downsides of Fat E-Bikes

It is also important for us to have a look at the potential downsides of using a fat e-bike.


A fat e-bike is certainly heavier than a standard bike with normal tires due to sturdier frame and components. This makes it harder for the riders to handle these bikes sometimes… and to make tight turns. It also reduces range.

Reduced Speed

A wider tire results in a greater contact patch in a fat e-bike. Although this results in increased traction but results in more friction simultaneously. This slows down the bike.

Higher Cost

Fat tires cost more than tires in standard bikes. Riders looking for affordable bike options need to consider this cost before making the purchase.

Best Fat E-Bikes to Buy in Australia

Engwe C20 – AUD 999.00

  • Motor Rating: 250W
  • Battery Size: 36V 10.4Ah 
  • Total Load: 150kg

The Engwe C20 comes with a quick folding frame, dual mechanical disc brakes, a front  suspension system, a sleek LCD, a 7-speed Shimano transmission, and a bright front lamp. 

Engwe T14 – AUD 919.00

  • Motor Rating: 350W
  • Battery Size: 48V 10Ah 
  • Total Load: 150kg

The Engwe T14 comes with a quad suspension system, dual mechanical disc brake system, dual lights, and a number of accessories including fenders and rear seat.

Engwe Engine Pro – AUD 2,199.00

  • Motor Rating: 750W
  • Battery Size: 48V 16Ah
  • Total Load: 150kg

The Engwe Engine Pro is a folding electric bike with 4” tires, 16Ah Lithium battery, hydraulic disc brakes, a color LCD, an 8-speed Shimano transmission, front and rear lights, and a number of accessories including mudguards and rear rack.

Engwe M20 – AUD 1,979.00

  • Motor Rating: 750W
  • Battery Size: 48V 13Ah x 2
  • Total Load: 150kg

The Engwe M20 is a moped electric bike featuring 20×4” fat tires, a large plush saddle, a dual mechanical disc brake system, dual lights, and a sleek display.


Stability, traction, comfort, and safety are some of the main factors why riders should buy a fat e-bike. We hope we were able to address all your queries related to fat e-bikes. In case you want to purchase an electric bike for yourself, do check out our lineup

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